Iraq Article

Snapshots from Iraq: ACTED and ShelterBox support families in recently accessible areas

From ShelterBox:

Since the beginning of the government-led effort to claim back the city of Mosul in 2016, ShelterBox has provided support to nearly 12,000 families with the help of our partners.

Through our partner ACTED, we’ve recently completed distributions in northern Iraq, supporting families in areas that have only recently become accessible.

These families have received very little help to date. We’ve supplied them with kits to repair damaged homes and make them waterproof and secure.

We’ve also provided essential aid items like mattresses, water carriers, and solar lights. This project, completed at the end of 2018, supported over 500 families in northern Iraq.

Have a look at some snapshots from the distributions carried out by ACTED, our implementing partner in Iraq, in December 2018. The distributions are now complete.