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Mosul on the road to recovery

Three years after Mosul was retaken from ISIL, the efforts of residents, supported by NGOs are beginning to pay off. Streets are swept, the rubbish heaps are gone and clean water flows from taps.

The gradual rebirth of Mosul can be seen from street to street; a butcher putting out a placard with his prices; a line of children walking to their newly reopened school; the sound of a new generator bringing light back to a neighborhood.

In this photo article, we see one small step in the wider story of Mosul's recovery through following the reopening of Al Mamoon Health Centre, which now provides essential health services for over a thousand families.

In Mosul, there is only one hospital bed for every 3,000 people.

The outer walls show the scars of conflict in Mosul.

Treatment rooms inside the health center lay in ruins.

All that remained were the crumbling walls and debris.

ACTED hired workers from the local community to carry out the rehabilitation.

The building began to take shape as walls were reconstructed.

The new pathway is constructed.

The health center was one of the most important rehabilitations in the community due to the lack of alternative health facilities. Now, it is safer than before and can carry out important procedures relating to things such as maternity health, measles or eyesight.

Ahmad, Local business owner from Mosul

The marks of conflict are removed.

The outer walls of the health center following extensive repairs.

This project has made health care much more accessible to many families as the cost of transport to the general hospital was an issue.

Yasin, Local business owner from Mosul

This project is funded by the European Union, through the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU Madad Fund.

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