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Community service and volunteerism brings citizens together in Balama’a Municipality, Jordan

The EU Madad LEADERS project aims to promote inclusive local economic empowerment to enhance social stability in regions affected by the Syrian crisis. Since March 2017 in Balama’a, ACTED has been facilitating community initiatives to promote the importance of engaging in the community through acts of service, and promote social cohesion.

On Wednesday 26th May, ACTED organized a volunteer field day as one of the project community initiatives in Balama’a. In collaboration with the municipality, students from Ali Bin Abi Talib primary school spent 5 hours painting the curbs of Balama’a main streets. The event provided these students with an opportunity to learn about the importance of volunteer work and being active members of the community.

Community service is a fundamental pillar in building social cohesion, especially in crisis-affected areas. Community service and volunteer work is also one of the most important activities for the young generation to engage in, to boost their moral, psychological and social capacities.

The school principal, Mr. Fayez Al-Khawaldeh, mentioned the importance of this initiative to build the teamwork skills of youth, and to display their sense of community spirit and loyalty to Balama’a. The event encouraged students to engage in volunteer activities and to direct their energy and sense of idealism as young people towards serving the community and promoting social cohesion and friendship. This kind of voluntary social work enhances the individual’s sense of responsibility and duty towards the community in which he/she lives.

With this initiative, these students in the future will be hardworking activists in society. It was a beautiful gesture from the LEADERS' project and from ACTED, we were just waiting for these kinds of initiatives from the civil institutions in Balama’a and now we have finally succeeded.

M. Fayez Al-Khawaldeh

As part of the LEADERS project consortium, ACTED is working to bring together local authorities, youth, women, Syrian refugees, and all other community members, to work together on volunteer initiatives that will build a better community for all to live in.