Libya Covid-19

Supporting the Covid-19 response in Libya amidst the ongoing conflict

28 March 2020 - With the first case of Covid-19 in Libya confirmed on 25th March, containment measures are now in force across the country. While the outbreak of Covid-19 continues to spread in the region, the conflict in Libya intensifies, putting increased pressure on local health systems to handle the epidemic alongside mass conflict casualties.

One case of Covid-19 confirmed to date (25th March 2020) in Libya

Redirecting assistance to Covid-19 prevention in Libya

ACTED, with its long experience providing assistance to conflict-affected populations in Libya, is adapting its response to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 among the most vulnerable populations.

ACTED’s existing protection helpline in Benghazi is disseminating household-level Covid-19 prevention measures among callers. The organization is also producing posters meant to raise awareness  among the local communities, by displaying these materials in pharmacies and grocery shops. This life-saving information is also being pushed out through social media campaigns with local partner organizations on prevention and psychosocial support messages.

ACTED’s rehabilitation and social cohesion work has been redirected to support health facilities and services, collaborating with civil society organizations and local authorities to identify the most pressing needs and develop a response to safeguard vulnerable communities.

To maintain lifesaving assistance to vulnerable families, ACTED’s cash transfers now take place on an individual basis to avoid big gatherings at distribution sites. Staff also hand out key Covid-19 prevention messaging.