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Supporting relief and economic recovery in a complex protracted conflict

For the past decade, UN agencies and NGOs have been working together with the Government of Sudan to provide relief to the conflict-affected communities of Darfur. However, the humanitarian and development needs remain extremely high and the situation shows little improvement on the ground. Up to now, an estimated 3.2 million people remain reliant on humanitarian assistance; among them 1.2 million have been living in camps for the past decade. In 2013, ACTED has contributed to addressing the urgent needs of the conflict-affected communities of Central Darfur through infrastructure rehabilitation, water, sanitation and hygiene as well as food security projects.

Participatory assessments to define comprehensive community-led methodologies

Darfur communities have been exposed to a 10-year conflict that has regularly threatened their lives and livelihoods, forcing them into displacement and into adopting negative coping mechanisms to ensure their survival. As the crisis has become more fragmented and unpredictable, monitoring the security situation and quickly adapting the methodologies of intervention has become crucial for humanitarian actors. To efficiently address the acute needs of the communities and promote sustainable economic and social development whenever possible, ACTED allocated a significant part of its resources to appraisals by conducting several participatory assessments to fine-tune its comprehensive methodologies.

Injecting cash for roads’ rehabilitation in a highly volatile environment

ACTED’s assessments conducted in 2013 highlighted a substantial lack of access to market and basic services, mainly caused by poor road networks, especially during rainy season. Rehabilitation of rural feeder roads thus remained a priority, in order to reconnect remote communities to economic hubs, allow IDPs to access or return to their places of origin and ease the passage of humanitarian actors. In 2013, ACTED has further developed its technical expertise. Using gabions and employing community members through Cash for Work, ACTED cleared roads, rehabilitated mud pits and stream crossing, allowing the road-users to travel all year long and improving beneficiaries’ socio-economic situation.

Promoting sustainable access to water and sanitation in rural and urban communities

Dissemination of good hygiene practices and access to safe water remain a major challenge in Central Darfur. In Zalingei town and Abata’s schools, almost none of the SPHERE standards are respected. In 2013, ACTED conducted Children’s Hygiene and Sanitation Training in urban and rural schools of the state to reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases and morbidity. ACTED has developed its own manuals and has put a strong emphasis on Trainings of Trainers to ensure sustainability. As a complement, ACTED has constructed low cost Village Level Operation and Maintenance water pumps in undeserved rural communities.

Providing relief assistance and investing in communityled mechanisms to enhance resilience

ACTED believes that providing live-saving assistance to Darfur populations affected by conflicts or natural hazards remains a top priority. To ensure timely humanitarian assistance in case of new displacement, in 2014 ACTED will aim at maintaining its response capacity and will engage in emergency preparedness and coordination with other humanitarian actors as soon as needed. Besides, ACTED will make sure that the living conditions of conflict-affected communities (including IDPs and refugees) do not further deteriorate by providing access to basic services. Linking relief with sustainable development, ACTED will enhance the resilience of communities through the support of communityled mechanisms and civil society actors.

Partners in 2013:

French Embassy, Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Food Programme (WFP)

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