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Sudan : Building durable shelter for Ethiopian refugees

Following clashes in Ethiopia’s Tigray region since November 2020, 50,159 Ethiopian refugees have arrived in Eastern Sudan, of which 19,890 individuals have been relocated to Tunaydbah camp as of 1st of November 2021 (UNHCR).

ACTED’s objective was to protect human dignity and reduce refugees’ exposure to multiple risks related to the lack of a safe shelter. While most of the settlement population was provided with tents and emergency shelters upon their arrival, ACTED funded by CDCS has been the first NGO to construct durable shelters for Ethiopian refugees in Eastern Sudan.

The targeted population through this project included 257 families (861 individuals in total) identified by the Protection desk in Tunaydbah along with the Commission for Refugees (COR), UNHCR, Block committees, and ACTED. 51% of the households targeted were female-headed, 4% were child-headed, 18% had at least one pregnant and, or lactating woman among their members. 88% of the households had no one that could provide for the rest of the family.

Innovative and durable shelter respectful of host communities

ACTED’s intervention was built with an eye on the future, being aware that durable solution represents the most effective, dignified and sustainable modality to address the refugee shelter gaps.

Shelter models were designed on the traditional housing model of the host communities living nearby the camp called Tukul. This was the type of shelter chosen as the best option.

Soudan durable shelter
Soudan durable shelter

It reflects the local knowledge, practices and materials, net of the sound market analysis carried out by ACTED at the kick-off of the Action. The model perfectly suits the black cotton and flood-prone soil of Tunaydbah, which presents itself as an open land with no tree cover nor shade.

Soudan durable shelter
Tukul house built for Ethiopian refugees.

Tukuls can withstand high winds and heavy rains, whereas hundreds of tents and temporary shelters have been highly damaged or completely collapsed.

Thanks to this project funded by the Center of Crisis and support of the French ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs CDCS, ACTED managed to successfully advocate for durable solutions, and is currently committed to building 1,050 additional tukuls in Tunaydbah by 2022. ACTED will soon start the construction of durable shelters also in Town 6 camp of Blue Nile state as UNHCR partner.

ACTED had already worked in Darfur from 2004 to 2015 and resumed its operations in Sudan since October 2020. Starting with the provision of durable shelters to Ethiopian refugees fleeing the region of Tigray, the organisation was able to provide a rapid response to the crisis and to set- up a solid operational presence in Eastern Sudan.