How ACTED supports Ukrainian refugees in Moldova

As of February 24th, ACTED deployed an emergency team in Moldova to support people affected by the conflict in Ukraine who have crossed the border. Read more about our actions and how our teams are supporting refugees in Moldova.

Moldova hosts more than 400,000 refugees from Ukraine (UNHCR figures, 7 April 2022), of whom about 65% arrive via the Palanca and Tudora crossing points in the south of the country, and about 25% via the Otaci and Creva crossing points in the north. In total, some 20-25,000 people arrive in the country every day.

Imagine what it is like for a country like Moldova to organise the transport, transit and reception of 10% of its population! It is as if 6.5 million people arrived at French border. In Moldova, we support the authorities by running 80 reception centres and organising the transport of refugees to the reception centres and the border crossing points with Romania.

Marie-Pierre Caley, ACTED CEO

What we do

Our teams mobilized quickly to carry out needs assessments along the border and in reception centres, in close coordination with the Moldovan authorities. ACTED’s first actions concerned the deployment of buses in Palanca and Tudora, in addition to buses provided by the Moldovan and Romanian authorities, in order to transport refugees from crossing points to reception centres or to Romania, in agreement with the authorities of both countries.

Today, ACTED has diversified its fields of action in the country and implements or participates, with its partners, in the following operations:

  • Support to municipalities for the management of reception centres
  • Reception and distribution of donations of basic necessities
  • Installation of sanitation facilities
  • Distribution of SIM cards to facilitate access to information for refugees

Our assistance to refugees in Palanca and Tudora

Palanca is the first crossing point for refugees between Ukraine and Moldova. ACTED has been present there to support the refugees since 4 March, through various operations.

people transported

From the border posts of Palanca and Tudora to Chisinau or Romania, via buses chartered by ACTED with UNHCR

SIM card distributed

to facilitate access to information for refugees in Moldova, with funding from Helvetas and UNHCR

latrines installed

including two for people with special needs, installed in particular to limit the spread of Covid

Emily Beqadle, ACTED's emergency team director, meet with the French ambassador in Moldova and the mayor of Palanca
Latrines installed in Palanca, among which 2 are for people with specific needs
ACTED's organizes the transportations of refugees from the border to Romania and other places in Moldova

Distribution of hot meals in southern Moldova

ACTED staff members distributed hot meals financed by WFP to a Refugee Accomodation Center in Basarabeasca, South Moldova.

“When we began to hear the sound of bombs, we made the decision to leave Odesa.

Veronika, mother of two children living in the Refugee Accommodation Center

Most of refugees living temporarily in this Accomodation Center are women and children. Veronika came with her two children aged 9 and 5 and left her son and mother-in-law in Odesa.

ACTED teams are providing hot meals financed by the World Food Programme to refugees in Basarabeasca
ACTED teams are providing hot meals financed by the World Food Programme to refugees in Basarabeasca
ACTED teams are providing hot meals financed by the World Food Programme to refugees in Basarabeasca

Warehouse management in Chisinau

In the country’s capital, Chisinau, ACTED is involved in the management of a large warehouse which also serves as a reception centre for refugees arriving from Ukraine, alongside the association Moldova for Peace. On a daily basis, ACTED’s teams provide material and technical support to Moldova for Peace and participate in a more efficient management of the warehouse. For example, food kits are prepared for direct collection by refugee families in Chisinau.

The warehouse will also host basic necessities sent through operation Convoys For Ukraine which allowed to send more than 1,000 tons of basic necessities to internally displaced people as well as refugees in Poland, Romania and Moldova.

Chisinau warehouse © Victor Orehov

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