The 3ZERO House Dushanbe – Tajikistan

Following a renovation process to improve the buildings’ energy efficiency and adapt it to future operational needs, the 3ZERO House in Dushanbe offers an inviting and engaging space for a range of services over the 3 floors of the building. These includes a Social Café, Training spaces and Classrooms, Community spaces, a Music studio, and a Media room among others. The 3ZERO House serves as a hub in Dushanbe offering an innovative suite of services to the broader community; acting as a spring board for agents of change; helping to propel Tajikistan more broadly towards a 3ZERO Future where no population feels left behind. People can take their human and technical capacity development into their own hands, and propel a green transition that will help Tajikistan reach its broader environmental and climate change commitments.

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August 2023

The 3ZERO House Dushanbe - Brochure