Yemen Article

Providing efficient humanitarian help to internally displaced persons in Yemen

Yemen currently ranks as the country with the 4th-largest population of internally displaced people in the world. Home to over 29 million people, more than 4 million people have been displaced since the outset of the war in 2015. 3 million internally displaced persons are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 1 million of them who continue to live in camp sites.

In the Cash Consortium of Yemen, cash transfers have been chosen as an effective method to meet the urgent needs of families in need in Al Dhale’e Governorate. The fast delivery of humanitarian aid to provide financial assistance to the displaced within 14 days of their arrival at displacement camps allow newly internally displaced persons to buy different items according to their immediate needs.

Fast and efficient aid delivery for camp sites in Yemen

Once I realized that the conflict had escalated and there was no hope for it to lessen, I decided to flee my home and village for the wellbeing of my children and wife.

40-year-old-Rajeh further explained that he is grateful and disappointed at the same time. He is grateful because he and his family are alive and were able to escape the conflict without any harm. He then recounted that he and his family were disheartened to leave not just their house and belongings, but also the memories of their lives there.

Where would we go now?” is what unsettlingly crossed Rajeh’s mind back then while fleeing their village. He then mentioned that: “I currently live in an Internally Displaced People camp and this is my first-time receiving cash distribution since I first arrived here

He also stated: “this cash assistance is going to help me a lot in covering the basic necessities for my family”. He then explained that this cash assistance will help his family and him in buying food, water and looking after his family if they get sick.

With ECHO funding, ACTED will be distributing cash assistance to 1,388 newly displaced families and most vulnerable people from December, 2020 to July, 2021 alongside other organizations that are part of the DRC-led cash consortium.

The project established a rapid mechanism for the delivery of humanitarian assistance that provided financial assistance to families affected from floods and IDPs within 14 days of their arrival at the displacement camps.