Multi-purpose cash assistance for Lebanese – Inter-agency Joint Learning Event Learning Brief

On June 27th 2023, Mercy Corps co-organized with Acted, Concern and Oxfam a learning event on the implementation of Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MPCA) interventions for Lebanese. While the MPCA modality has been initiated and designed around the assistance to refugees, the provision of unconditional cash assistance for Lebanese is a recent development in the country. This requires an adaptation of implementation modalities and warrants the need to share learning across agencies and to identify possible strategies moving forward.

Mercy Corps extended the invitation to all agencies implementing MPCA for Lebanese through the Lebanese Humanitarian INGO Forum (LHIF). The attendance was composedof field teams, Monitoring and Evaluation teams, technical advisors and senior program /management representatives.

The event was not meant to create a parallel fora, but rather to feed into existing ones (e.g.Food Security and Agriculture Sector Working Group, Basic Assistance Working Group, Cash Working Group) and consolidate learnings. The outcome of the event is a comprehensive internal lessons learned document that will be shared among the participating agencies as well as this brief with key recommendations for external audiences.

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August 2023

Multi-purpose cash assistance for Lebanese