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Afghanistan: Quick! Masks!

01 April 2020 - ACTED Afghanistan continues to support the communities throughout the northern provinces. Working closely with the communities and the provincial authorities, ACTED Afghanistan already provided 10 000 masks to the populations and health services of Balkh province. At the same time, community mobilization and sensitization are ongoing. Now, our commitment must go further.

ACTED Afghanistan, April 2020 - ACTED already produced and distributed 150,000 masks across the North of the country. The production continues.

100,000 masks, a first milestone in a long fight ahead

Using its long-standing presence, ACTED Afghanistan mobilizes now communities in three additional provinces to reach a production of 100,000 masks per week. Using preexisting beneficiaries, as well as local NGOs and associations, these masks will be provided to the health staffs working in the first line in the health centers, as well as those that will contribute to the sanitization of public and collective spaces. It also contributes to provide small incentives to people whose income is affected by the progressive lockdown. In coordination with the local branches of the Ministry of Public Health and the Provincial Governor offices, ACTED Afghanistan also contributes to an increased awareness on the pandemic and the measures to adopt.

By the communities, for the communities

Stepping up in the response, ACTED Afghanistan now looks at the production of protective clothing, and increasing the community mobilization around the sanitization of collective spaces. In the next weeks, this will be complemented by a specific assistance delivered to the most in need, including displaced populations and returnees from Iran, growing in number day by day. Today and tomorrow, we work to help the ones in need.