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Enhanced capacities to improve emergency preparedness and conflict risk management

ACTED in Kenya responds to the increased tensions arising from drought and natural resources exploitation and supports peacebuilding initiatives and dialogue in vulnerable communities. This is reinforced by the improvement of community risk reduction plans, in order to increase resilience to future shocks. ACTED also supports drought-affected internally displaced households in Mandera County, North-East Kenya, to improve their food security and nutritional outcomes through the delivery of unconditional cash transfers.

ACTED implements long-term early warning system action in arid and semi-arid land counties in Northern Kenya, in order to increase community response and improve the resilience of disaster-affected communities. ACTED, in collaboration with REACH Initiative, provides institutional support to the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) to improve early warning data collection processes at county level. Besides this, and following the drought alert, ACTED responds to more urgent needs in the region by carrying out emergency cash transfers to enhance food consumption and nutritional diversity of the targeted communities.

Enhanced community cohesion through conflict prevention and mitigation among pastoral communities


In the arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya, scarcity of pasture, lack of water and long distance migration of animals often leads to community-based clashes as competition for rangeland resources rises. Inter-communal conflicts are known to be key drivers of food insecurity, livelihood disruption and displacements in Samburu and Mandera Counties. ACTED responds to these needs by supporting dialogue initiatives and inclusive conflict transformation at community level. In collaboration with Mandera and Samburu County Governments, ACTED worked with the Resource Sharing Committees established in 2012 to implement the Community Resource Sharing Agreement, which helped in mutual resource sharing, natural resource use management, grazing management, and providing an avenue for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Strengthening adaptive capacities of communities and institutions to be resilient to shocks

In order to improve the communities’ resilience to natural disasters, ACTED conducts mapping exercises to identify actors working on community-based disaster risk reduction, and supported the harmonisation of disaster risk management approaches across Mandera and Samburu Counties in collaboration with the National Drought Management Authority. With support from ACTED and the NDMA, community groups were able to come up with community plans for the preparedness and mitigation of natural disasters feeding into the ward level and County contingency planning cycle. ACTED also links the Community Disaster Management Committees to the county governments to take part and contribute to budget making processes at the county level as well as integrate community plans into the county planning processes.


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 Ambassade de France au Kenya, OXFAM, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (Germany)

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