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Between emergency response and long-term rehabilitation

ACTED’s mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) focuses on emergency mobile actions, with the aim to consolidate a multi-sectorial approach. Stronger emphasis has been put on actions that strengthen the resilience of populations, as well as their sustainable development, in line with the civil society partnerships established by ACTED in the country, as to reinforce the existing local initiatives. ACTED in DRC will continue strengthening its involvement in numerous strategic partnerships, such as consortiums, Alliance2015, and linkages with local NGOs.

DRC is still shaken after decades of successive shocks. Populations suffer from recurring armed conflicts, epidemic outbreaks and chronic food insecurity. The presence of armed groups in the East of the country leads to massive displacements of populations, with a general humanitarian context worsening due to political tensions and economic decline. With more than 2.1 million displaced people, issues related to internally displaced people accounts for more than half of the humanitarian needs. In this context, ACTED gives priority to emergency interventions to assist the most vulnerable, while supporting the recovery of the country

Providing mobile and multi-sectorial assistance to refugees, displaced persons and returnees

ACTED supports displaced people, returnees and host communities in Eastern DRC, as well as Central African refugees in the North-West of the country. Populations’ displacements increase pressure on available resources and infrastructure that are already limited in capacity and obsolete after decades of war. ACTED supports the most vulnerable people through the rehabilitation of water-infrastructure, providing families with essential household supplies and food items, as well as unconditional cash transfers, while raising the awareness of populations to develop people’s resilience to future shocks.

Paving the way towards long-term resilience and development for the country

The country hardly emerges from a chronic emergency situation. Every year, new displacements of populations threaten fragile balances and exacerbate the urgent needs. Combining the implementation of income generating activities with rehabilitation of basic infrastructure, such as health centers, community sanitation infrastructure and road infrastructure, ACTED’s interventions aim at reinforcing community resilience. Moreover, ACTED supports increased dialogue among civil society organisations to support the improvement of local governance in DRC.

Reinforcing the coordination and cooperation with humanitarian partners

ACTED is committed to supporting the humanitarian coordination in DRC. ACTED is not only recognized for the far reaching work of its Monitoring and Evaluation teams that promote a participatory approach of information and support to decision making (bulletins, maps), but also for its logistical capacity to access out of reach areas. ACTED teams carry out key logistics and infrastructure works with the rehabilitation of road axis used by humanitarian workers for their interventions, in coordination with other aid workers, clusters and working groups.


Partners in 2016 :

Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM), Concern Worldwide, Direction Générale pour la protection civile et les opérations d'aide humanitaire européennes de la Commission européenne (ECHO), EuropeAid, Global Affairs Canada (GAC), Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)



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