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Ukraine: ACTED and World Vision bring humanitarian assistance to displaced persons

Since February 2022, the conflict in Ukraine has led to an unprecedented level of need with the development of Europe’s largest refugee crisis in half a century.

Hostilities across the country has caused massive displacement, widespread damage to public and private infrastructure, and significant disruption to essential services.

15.7 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection in Ukraine.


6.27 people are currently internally displaced in Ukraine and over 5.3 became refugees in European countries . It is therefore essential to support them with assistance to meet their basic needs. ​

Humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Markets and banking systems are currently still functional within Ukraine, making cash the most dignified and appropriate response modality for reaching displaced people in Western and Central Ukraine. 

© Inés Dadda
© Inés Dadda

That is why ACTED initiated a project aimed at meeting basic needs of IPDs through provision of multi-purpose cash assistance with support of World Vision International.

The impact on the population

“After 2 rockets were dropped near the basement where we were hiding in the city of Kharkiv and our windows were blown out, we decided that we had to leave the city to save our lives.

First, we stayed in the Kharkiv region in our relatives. However, after it became dangerous there too, we moved to the Vinnytsia region. Since we left the city with nothing, we faced with  the problem of finding housing, paying utilities and accessing basic needs. 

We received cash assistance from ACTED  in the amount of 6,660 UAH per person for 3 months. It helps us pay utilities and buy essentials: shoes and summer clothes since we left the city in winter clothes, an electric kettle since gas is expensive and food. Thank you very much for as without this help it would  be very difficult” explained Svitlana when interviewed by our teams in Vinnytsia.”


In result, 3886 conflict affected people have already received financial aid from ACTED with the support of World Vision International and were able to meet their basic needs, such as food, clothes or medicine.