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Türkiye and Syria earthquakes: Call for donations to bring emergency aid to the populations affected by the disaster

Several million people could be affected by the two earthquakes of February 6th in Türkiye and Syria according to the WHO, including five million vulnerable people. ACTED has been present in the region for ten years and has mobilized its teams to support the affected populations. Together, we can do more.

Paris, February 8th 2023 – 11,200 death, more than 50,000 injured and thousands now without a home. The toll is growing by the hour. Urgent humanitarian needs are compounded by harsh winter conditions. We must act now to provide victims with medical care, food, water and temporary shelter.

As a long-standing actor in the region, ACTED is fully mobilized

ACTED has been able to mobilise its teams in Türkiye in the Gaziantep and Hatay governorates since February 6th, as well as some of its employees in Syria, with the aim of providing emergency aid to the affected populations: food assistance supply of hygiene kits and distribution of emergency shelter kits

ACTED calls for donations to support more disaster-affected people

Large-scale humanitarian funding is urgently needed. It is now that donations can have the greatest impact to respond to the immediate needs of the earthquake-affected communities. Since February 6th, ACTED has launched a call for donations from companies and individuals in order to be able to act as soon as possible to help the populations.

Support populations victims of the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria.

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