The first truck of operation ‘Convoys for Ukraine’ one step closer to beneficiaries

Friday 11 March, the first truck of operation 'Convoys for Ukraine' was sent to support victims of the conflict in Ukraine, in collaboration with the City of Paris. On Tuesday 15 March, this truck arrived in Warsaw.

Friday 11 March marked the start of operation ‘Convoys for Ukraine’. The first truck arrived in Warsaw where the donations are unloaded… to be placed on the train to Kiev. As a long-standing partner of ACTED, the City of Paris has once again joined forces with ACTED, enabling the collection of essential goods thanks to the solidarity of Parisians. These goods are being transported to the victims of the conflict in Ukraine, thanks to the logistical support of the Bolloré Group and the cooperation of the Polish authorities.

The truck is loaded in Paris with donations from Parisians © Jean-Baptiste Gurliat / Ville de Paris


The same truck arrives in Warsaw where goods are unloaded to be placed in a train to Kiev

People trapped in bombed-out, evacuated and displaced towns lack everything from food to basic necessities. Market disruptions in areas still unaffected by the conflict, with high inflation and shortages of basic commodities, are becoming a central problem. The ‘Convoys for Ukraine’ operation will distribute essential goods to people in need and pre-position stocks to meet future shortages.

Since the conflict broke out on 24 February, 18 million people have already been affected, 12 million of whom are in need of humanitarian assistance. Population movements will continue as the conflict escalates. Current scenarios indicate that up to 7 million people could be forced to leave their homes. In the western part of the country, which has so far been spared, the massive influx of people fleeing the shelling will put enormous pressure on services that are already on the verge of collapse, and humanitarian needs will only increase. The people of Ukraine need our solidarity.

Follow the departure from Paris and the arrival of the trucks in Warsaw in videos