The 3Zero House: a collaborative space for agents of change

The 3Zero House is a physical and digital collaborative space, which serves to multiply and accelerate innovations and solutions. Local actors are mobilized to fuel the ecological transition and digital transformation, towards a Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, and Zero Poverty world. Two 3Zero Houses exist in the world, one in the Philippines and the other in Tajikistan.

The multidimensional nature of environmental and social problems calls for active and innovative multi-sectoral approaches. ACTED’s Flagship Initiative – the 3Zero House is a unique hub that connects diverse actors from every sector – local social enterprises; civil society organisations (CSOs); and other agents of change to collaborate on innovative solutions for local problems

Talk as part of an event taking place in the 3Zero House Manila

Why is it crucial?

We must engage those who suffer the most from exclusion, climate change, and extreme poverty to find solutions to the problems that they face. The 3Zero House aims to provide opportunities for marginalised communities, connecting people and local entities with resources and networks, and allowing them to identify and promote localised solutions that deliver global impacts.


The 3Zero House is a collaborative space that can connect diverse stakeholders and fuel conversations around the 3Zero goals and agenda. Each 3Zero House is adapted to the country context and actors, mixing programmes across physical and digital platforms. This includes ideation workshops; competitions; hackathons; networking events; presentations; debates; and working groups.



The 3Zero House offers space and resources devoted to the development of human capital. Building on ACTED’s expertise, it provides tailored trainings, mentoring, and coaching for CSOs and for Social Entrepreneurs. Like-minded partners, including private sector and academics, bring additional technical capacity for trainings, based on local needs and interests.


The 3Zero House provides space to promote experimentation, and prototyping of innovative solutions. Services help drive and empower promising and innovative projects through small grants and specialised trainings; incubation or acceleration services; and exposure to social investment opportunities.

The 3Zero Houses aim to grow joint ventures, merging for-profit and non-profit components, to innovate.

Our current 3Zero Houses

  • 3Zero House Manila

The first 3Zero House was launched in Manila, Philippines, in October 2019, with our local partner and co-founder of the 3Zero Global Alliance, Gawad Kalinga (GK). The 3Zero House is a six-storey building with more than 2,000m² located at the heart of Metro-Manila. The Manila 3Zero House has been providing services to the public since the end of 2021.

The house hosts a collaborative coffee-shop, with over 100 seating capacity to co-working spaces; business incubation; accounting and compliance trainings; and a recording studio. The roof deck hosts an urban farm for fish breeding and vegetable growing. All of these services will support the local ecosystem and cooperation between CSOs and social entrepreneurs.

  • 3Zero House Dushanbe

Tajikistan encountering a number of issues which range from climate change vulnerabilities, to lack of opportunities for entrepreneurs and the youth, exclusion of women, minorities and the youth to the lack of agency for non-governmental organisations.  ACTED is present in Tajikistan since 1996 and has long been a partner with Bactria thanks to the actions implemented by the Bactria Cultural Centre. Together, they combine their efforts again to open ACTED’s second 3Zero House in Dunshanbe in December 2022.

The 3Zero House Dushanbe was created in order to better address the challenges and issues of modern-day Tajikistan, led by ACTED Tajikistan together with its sister organisation Bactria Cultural Centre. Following a renovation process to improve the building’s energy efficiency and adapt it to future operational needs, the 3Zero House offers an inviting and engaging space for a range of services and actors, throughout the three floors of the building. These services will include, but are not limited to; a Social Café, a center of professional excellence with classroom spaces for trainings; community spaces; informational hubs; a music studio; a co-working space; and a media room.

The 3Zero House hopes to help empower Tajikistan towards a 3Zero future.

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