| 03/10/2019




T/ 13DBI/91D/AWO/Mafraq/EU MADAD WASH/03102019

ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development), an NGO based in Amman, implementing a project to providing training for repair and maintenance for females plumping club and is inviting suppliers to submit offers for the following:

LOT #DescriptionProduct category
1Providing training for repair and maintenance for 30 beneficiaries (all females).Service

The tender will be conducted using ACTED standard bidding documents, open to all qualified suppliers and service providers. The Bidding Documents (in English) may be collected free of charge by all interested bidders at the following address:

ACTED representative office in 25, Ahmad Shawqi street, Jabal Weibdeh, Amman 11194, Jordan – (Opposite Terra Sancta Kindergarten)

Or can be downloaded from the ACTED website at www.acted.org under the section “Call for Tenders”.

Potential bidders are encouraged to consult the ACTED website regularly for potential modification to the present tender and/or the bidding documents.

Bidders are invited to attend information session, 08 October 2019 at 10:00 AM LOCAL TIME IN JORDAN in ACTED Jordan office. Attending is preferable.

All bids must be submitted before 17/10/2019 at 4:00 PM (Local time in Jordan) at the address (es) mentioned above in a sealed envelope or by E-mail at at jordan.tender@acted.org, Cc tender@acted.org. Late Bids will be automatically rejected.

ACTED will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Bidders in connection with the preparation and submission of their bids to ACTED.


A tender opening session will take place on 20/10/2019 at 11:00 PM (local time in Jordan) in the ACTED representative office in Amman. The presence of bidders’ representative is allowed.

For all inquiries regarding this tender, please contact the ACTED representative office in Amman by E-mail at jordan.tender@acted.org, Cc tender@acted.org.

Note: if you witness or suspect any unlawful, improper or unethical act or business practices (such as soliciting, accepting or attempting to provide or accept any kickback) during the tendering process, please contact the following phone number 962-6-4636275 and/or send an e-mail to transparency@acted.org

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