Somalia: Supporting drought-affected Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in rural Baidoa

In Somalia, severe droughts, flooding and lingering conflicts remain the key drivers of WASH needs. According to Somalia WASH cluster, over 6.5 million people in Somalia will need lifesaving WASH assistance in 2024 (February 2024). This estimation includes 1.4 million displaced and 5.2 million non-displaced vulnerable communities, mainly in rural and few urban areas*.

Specifically, in Baidoa district, Southwest State of Somalia, the water supply situation in rural areas is deteriorating. Women and children travel long distances in the dry season to collect water for domestic and livestock use.  Scarce surface water resources, reliant on seasonal climate changes, result in traditional storage facilities being inadequately filled, if not entirely empty. Consequently, vulnerable Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and host communities face acute water shortages amidst severe droughts, conflicts, and climate shifts. This situation has left communities in dire need of access to water, as they struggle to meet their basic water needs.


In response to these crises, Acted, supported by the Somali Humanitarian Fund (SHF) funding, between June 2023 and April 2024 to an estimated number of 10,000 individuals, enabling them to access safe water and hygiene service.


Improving Water Access for Displaced Communities in Baidoa Remote Areas

With funding from the Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF), Acted has been providing life-saving WASH services to the drought-affected displaced population in IDP sites in hard-to-reach rural areas in Baidoa, Bay region, Somalia. The project aims to provide life-saving access to clean and safe drinking water to the IDPs living in remote areas to meet their basic needs and to reduce the massive influx of IDPs into major urban settlements.


As groundwater serves as Somalia’s primary water source, Acted, with support from the Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF), has drilled two boreholes equipped with solar pumping systems in the remote Caragadud and Goyale villages, situated 5 km from Baidoa. This initiative aims to supply clean water to 1600+ families affected by floods and droughts in rural Baidoa.


Additionally, in these villages to enhance the sustainability of WASH services. Furthermore, in both villages 20 water management committees’ members have been trained by Acted in operation and maintenance practices to manage these facilities effectively.

Nur Moalim[1], Chairman of Caragadud village, expressed gratitude for the assistance, emphasizing its critical importance to the village residents, including both IDPs and host communities. He highlighted that the support is particularly vital as the community previously relied on unprotected water from shallow wells located at a long distance.

The arrival of Acted brought hope to our community. We are grateful for their efforts in providing us with access to clean water.

Nur Moalim, the village chairman

Zeynab Haji[1], a beneficiary living in the IDP sites of Caragadud village, thanked Acted and its donor SHF for establishing these water points for the drought affected families. She stressed that they had previously faced difficulties in obtaining safe water, but now this provision adequately meets their basic needs for both household use and livestock maintenance.

We used to walk for hours to fetch water, often risking our safety. Now, with the boreholes provided by Acted, our lives have become much easier.

Zeynab Haji a beneficiary in Caragadud village

The construction of boreholes in Caragadud village represents a significant step towards addressing water insecurity in Baidoa, Somalia. Through this intervention, Acted has not only provided immediate relief to affected families, but has also established the foundation for long-term resilience and development within the displaced families. This has sustainably addressed the complex challenges of water insecurity in Caragadud area and ensured the communities have access to sustainable water points.

Water insecurity remains a pressing concern, particularly worsened by recent floods that obliterated 750 water points. Amidst ongoing conflicts, climate adversities, and inadequate infrastructure, safe water remains elusive in many parts of the country, significantly endangering community lives, especially the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).


With the financial support of SHF, Acted has successfully provided emergency WASH services to over 10,000 vulnerable individuals in the rural areas of Baidoa District. This action has provided a lifeline to communities affected by floods and droughts, ensuring they can access dignified services and regain some stability despite the challenging circumstances.

boreholes have been drilled and equipped with solar panels
individuals have been enabled to access safe water and hygiene service
Over 1600
families affected by floods and droughts in rural Baidoa have been supplied with clean water
water management committees’ members have been trained on operation and maintenance practices to manage these facilities effectively

In Somalia, a village chairman a village leader appointed by the district commissioner to oversee local affairs at village level, with the responsibilities of mediating disputes, managing communal resources, and representing the village’s interests to higher authorities.

*Somalia WASH Cluster: 2024 WASH Humanitarian Needs and Response Plan (HNRP) – As of 11th February 2024 – Somalia | ReliefWeb

[1] Names have changed to protect the privacy of the beneficiaries.

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