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ACTED and ShelterBox in Nigeria: The Lake Chad Basin Crisis

ShelterBox Lake Chad is supporting families in Nigeria who desperately need help.

Working in partnership with ACTED, we’re providing lifesaving items like tents, tarpaulins, toolkits, kitchen sets, mosquito nets, water carriers, solar lights and blankets. Everything that families need to start rebuilding their lives.


Imagine Boko Haram turning up in your village. You’ve not come face to face with them before – but you’ve heard the stories. The stories of violence, of suicide bombings, of kidnapping.  

Your life is in danger, your family is danger. You have no choice but to run.

This situation is reality for millions of families in Nigeria.

The violent rise of Boko Haram began in Nigeria in 2009, when the extremist group started an armed rebellion against the Nigerian government. Since then, the conflict has grown. It now spills over into the neighbouring countries of NigerChad and Cameroon.

But the rise of Boko Haram violence isn’t the only factor forcing families to flee their homes. The military offensive countering Boko Haram is also causing huge displacement.

In total, 2.4 million families have fled their homes, leaving behind their crops and livelihoods. This has resulted in a food crisis, as more and more families move into poor areas and large refugee camps where shelter, food and water are scarce.