Nabad: Promoting women-led grassroots peacebuilding towards social reconciliation

March 2023
March 2025

The aim of the project is to enable women to sustainably contribute to grassroots peacebuilding in southcentral Somalia. To do so, Nabad – which means “peace” in Somali - will provide institutional management, financial and peacebuilding capacity to eight targeted women-led CSOs in South West State and Jubaland on institutional management and peacebuilding. The intervention will then support the women-led CSOs to conduct a peacebuilding campaign within their community, while conducting a regional awareness campaign on the role of women in social cohesion. In addition, Nabad will work on strengthening the links among women-led CSOs and provide them with knowledge, skills and resources to financially sustain themselves in the long run. The intervention adopts a bottom-up approach and is investing highly on social acceptance, by working closely with communities in eight conflict-prone locations: Kismayo, Garbaharey, Dollow, Dhobley, Baidoa, Xudur, Berdale and Barawe.