PRESS RELEASE: Getting Ready: Bolstering Civil Protection Capabilities in Ukraine

With financial support from UKAid, ACTED, together with Ukrainian NGO, Right to Protection (R2P), and IMPACT Initiatives, have begun collaborating with oblast authorities, Ukrainian State Emergency Services
(SESU) and Civil Protection departments, to address critical gaps to ensure the safety of civilians.

Taking a highly participatory and consultative approach, 3P partners are led by the needs and priorities of Ukrainian civil protection authorities to strengthen the protection capacity and readiness of beneficiaries to respond to conflict-related emergencies.

As the war grinds on in the East and South, Ukrainian cities and villages recently liberated or spared so far from large-scale destruction are working rapidly to reinforce preparedness systems and prevent further harm to on civilian populations from materialising. As the lead agency of the 3P Consortium (‘Prevent, Prepare, Protect’), ACTED, together with Ukrainian NGO, Right to Protection (R2P) and IMPACT Initiatives, are collaborating with authorities and social institutions in seven oblasts, including Kyvska, to deliver targeted capacity building interventions, provide information management and technical support, and donate critical equipment to key civil protection duty-bearers.

At community level, local civil society organisations, groups, and individuals continue to play a crucial role in responding to emergencies since the conflict began, while official first responders (ambulance and, firefighters) are stretched to their limits. Recognizing this, ACTED and partners also focus on provision of additional training – particularly First Aid and Psychological First Aid – and channeling resources into managing and upscaling support to these groups. At the same time, ACTED works with authorities to
increase the general public’s awareness of, and readiness for emergencies through either the procurement and installation of public alert systems equipment or the development of mobile apps that will alert users to evacuation orders, nearest bomb shelters, guidance on what to pack in a go-bag, and information on conflict-related risks such as fires, hazmat incidents, and unexploded ordinance. These activities will be complemented by the implementation of a large-scale awareness campaign to support oblast efforts to increase residents’ understanding of preparedness measures. Social institutions, such as mental health and state care facilities, will benefit from R2P’s protection experience and receive
customized guidance on improving inclusion and accessibility for vulnerable groups including the elderly, people with special needs, women, and children.

Since the 24th of February 2022, an estimated 6.65 million people have been displaced from their homes within Ukraine, and a further 6.4 million have fled across international borders, making it the most significant displacement crisis in Europe since World War II. In this context, the safe and efficient  management of mass population movements has become one of the highest priorities of authorities. As one of the project’s primary objectives, ACTED and IMPACT are working with oblast authorities, and the departments in charge of civil protection (SESU, CP departments) to review and update existing mass evacuation and emergency response plans, and provide critical equipment and resources that will enable authorities to put plans into practice. In addition, the Consortium undertake light renovations of several protective structures in case of conflict escalation, where citizens may seek refuge from shelling and missile attacks. Key staff involved in charge of setting up temporary collective centers for IDPs will also receive training in protection mainstreaming, humanitarian standards, legal counselling, and vulnerability sensitization. Coupled with national and regional level advocacy and experience sharing opportunities, these activities contribute to improving the coordination of emergency response across multiple regions.

The 3P Consortium

The 3P Consortium, established in Ukraine in 2019, comprises a group of international and national NGOs operating in the country – ACTED, IMPACT Initiatives, and the Right to Protection. Under ACTED’s leadership, the 3P Consortium works to reduce disaster risk vulnerability and enhance community resilience. Initially focused on Eastern Ukraine, the Consortium has expanded its geographic focus since the start of the 24 February conflict to support recently liberated oblasts and those that have so far been spared from the effects of large-scale military operations. 3P partners are united by their desire to prevent, prepare and protect – the ‘3P’ – civilian populations and critical service systems against conflictrelated risks, as well as the risks of natural, ecological and industrial disasters in Ukraine.

3P Consortium Partners

ACTEDwww.acted.org: ACTED is a French humanitarian organisation present in 40 countries and supporting over 18.2 million beneficiaries worldwide. ACTED works to save lives and support people in meeting their needs in hard-to-reach areas. ACTED first responded to the crisis in Ukraine in 2015, with its partner IMPACT through the REACH Initiative. Since the 24 February conflict, ACTED has expanded to cover all government-held areas of Ukraine with seven field offices and over 300 staff, providing a variety
of humanitarian and development assistance including multi-purpose cash assistance, food security and livelihoods, WASH, shelter and winterisation, camp coordination and camp management, emergency preparedness and disaster risk reduction, and CSO partnerships and localisation.

IMPACT Initiatives – www.impact-initiatives.org: IMPACT Initiatives is a leading Geneva-based think-and-do tank. Together with sister organization ACTED, and UNOSAT, IMPACT launched the REACH Initiative in 2010, which provides granular data, timely information, and in-depth analysis from contexts of crisis, disaster and displacement to feed into evidence-based aid response and decision-making. Since 2016, the REACH initiative has been leading annual interagency humanitarian needs assessments to inform the Humanitarian Needs Overview and Response Plans in Ukraine. IMPACT – including through REACH – also provides continuous information management and geographic information systems support and capacity building to humanitarian agencies and clusters. Like ACTED, IMPACT is now active across all government-controlled areas of Ukraine, with a staff of 57.

Right to Protection (R2P) http://r2p.org.ua/en/: Right to Protection is a Ukrainian not-for profit organization. R2P is dedicated to protecting refugees who find themselves in Ukraine due to dire circumstances. R2P ensures the protection and human rights of other vulnerable migrants -the conflict affected, the internally displaced (IDPs), the stateless, the undocumented and those at risk of statelessness. R2P’s key programmatic strengths are legal assistance, monitoring, advocacy as well as government and civil society capacity building. R2P has approximately 150 staff members working across Ukraine.

UK Aid – www.ukaiddirect.org: Funded by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, UK Aid Direct supports small and medium sized civil society organisations to deliver the Global Goals. The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF), which supports the 3P Consortium’s work, was launched by the British Government in 2015 and uses a whole-of-government approach to find creative solutions to meet the most complex national security challenges and promote international peace and stability. The CSSF operates in over 80 countries and territories, delivering more than 90 programmes and combines Official Development Assistance (ODA) and other, non-ODA funding sources. This gives the fund a broad geographic and thematic reach. The CSSF works to build peace and stability in countries at risk of instability as well as in regions suffering from long-running conflicts.


Maria Diachuk, Communication Manager, ACTED, mariia.kratik@acted.org
Benoit Gerfault, Consortium Coordinator, ACTED, benoit.gerfault@acted.org

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Getting Ready: Bolstering Civil Protection Capabilities in Ukraine