The Nexans Foundation

Nexans’ continuous international expansion has made it a logical step to provide a more comprehensive framework for our commitment towards common interest projects. The creation of a Nexans Foundation is a natural development of this commitment; enabling us to provide a considered approach to our international initiatives in this field by making them part of a common perspective. The Foundation provides a common framework for sustained initiatives, thus supporting Nexans’ strategy and, more specifically, our Values.

Nexans had a very early wish to engage in sponsorship initiatives by bringing its expertise to bear for the benefi t of all.
This ambition has always represented a common willingness to help promote the whole Group by leveraging its skills and expertise. It therefore developed a major competence sponsorship initiative with the Palace of Versailles – a site considered as an integral part of the world’s heritage – for the renovation of its power networks. Through this initiative, the Group offered its expertise in the field of cabling and safety of buildings, while at the same time safeguarding a remarkable tourist venue which welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

In 2009, Nexans once again undertook a major sponsorship initiative by donating all the cables for the 28,000 sq.m of building premises and the 22 hectares of grounds of the new Louvre-Lens Museum in northern France.

Finally, the year 2011 marked a new momentum in Nexans’ sponsorship policy as the Group decided to support Electricians Without Borders (ESF) in providing access to energy for disadvantaged communities worldwide. Under a sponsorship agreement, it suppied this NPO (non-profit organization) with low and medium voltage power cables worth a total of 300,000 euros over three years, thus covering 50% of all ESF’s needs.