Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Independent Directorate of Local Governance

Independent Directorate of Local Governance IDLG is an independent branch of the local structures, established through presidential Decree No. 1047 of 30 August 2007, has the mandate to leading and coordinating Afghanistan’s new sub-national governance, providing support to provincial administrations, building provincial and district capacity, enforcing laws and regulations, improving service delivery by enhancing the accountability and transparency of the local governments in local levels through strong and capable sub national government administrations in 34 provinces, 374 formal and informal districts and 153 municipalities.

IDLG’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of Afghan citizens by providing them good governance. IDLG’s mission is consolidating peace and stability, achieving development and equitable economic growth and achieving improvements in service delivery through just, democratic processes and institutions of good governance at the sub‐national level.

Current projects

Hiring Facilitating Partner EZ-KAR, Package#2 (Mehtarlam, Assabadad, Parun)