IMPACT Initiatives

IMPACT Initiatives is a leading Geneva based think and do tank, created in 2010 and firstly operationalized in 2012. IMPACT is a member of the ACTED Group.

Through its action, IMPACT aims at shaping practices and influencing policies in humanitarian and development settings, in order to positively impact the lives of people and their communities. We do so by co-constructing and promoting knowledge, tools, and practices which enable better decision-making by key aid stakeholders. In all our work, we promote the use of settlement approaches as a catalyst for more effective aid action. We believe that by understanding settlements through the lens of community dynamics, governance structures and socio-economic relationships, we can impact lives of people, improve communities’ development pathways and contribute to a fairer world.

IMPACT’s teams implement assessment, monitoring, evaluation, and organizational capacity-building programmes in direct partnership with aid actors or through its inter-agency initiatives, REACH and Agora. IMPACT’s global team, based in Geneva, is complemented by an established presence in over 15 countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, South-East and Central Asia.

Current projects

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Infrastructure Mapping and WASH Actor Capacity Building

Establishment of sectoral and inter-sectoral assessments to inform prioritization at the level of IDP sites, humanitarian planning and sectoral response

Monitor the situation of children and adolescent migrants in UNICEF’s L2 countries in Latin America

Indepedent monitoring and rapid research and evidence of DFID’s Safety Support and Solutions Phase 2 (SSSII) Programme (implementation phase

Mixed migration platform : safety, support and solutions – Phase 2

Coordinated implementation of multipurpose cash assistance to support Somali households affected by crisis

Evidence-based planning and programming for humanitarian actors in Syria

Coordinated Implementation of Multipurpose Cash Assistance to Support Somali Household Affected by Crisis

Agriculture Value Chain and Market Assessment in Iraq

Independent third party monitoring to support and optimise the delivery of UK aid in northeastern Nigeria

Recovery and Rehabilitation – Mosul

Using information, counselling and legal assistance to better refugee response in Uganda

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