Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Global Affairs Canada manages Canada's diplomatic and consular relations, promotes the country's international trade and leads Canada’s international development and humanitarian assistance.

Global Affairs Canada has identified the following 2017-18 priorities for advancing the government’s progressive and inclusive agenda, including increased commitment to openness and transparency, especially in evaluation and reporting. These priorities will be advanced through strategic bilateral and multilateral engagement, including public diplomacy and advocacy in preparation for Canada’s presidency of the G7 in 2018, and in collaboration with a diversity of partners in Canada and abroad.

- Contribute to international peace, security and humanitarian assistance, through renewed leadership and constructive international engagement.
- Reinforce Canada’s relations with the United States and other key bilateral partners to advance Canadian interests.
- Strengthen Canada’s contribution to a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.
- Contribute to inclusive Canadian and global prosperity through increased and diversified international trade, and foreign direct investment.