Fondation Chanel

Fondation CHANEL works to improve the economic and social conditions of women and adolescent girls. In 2016, it expanded its commitment to include the promotion of women in the arts and culture.

To achieve its mission, it supports innovative development projects and provides guidance to non-profit organizations and social enterprises in Europe, the Unites States and abroad.

Our mission: Advance women’s and girl’s independence and empowerment around the world by increasing access to economic resources and entrepreneurship, education and training, leadership and decision-making as well as health, sports and culture.

On a case- by- case basis, Fondation CHANEL has also supported emergency projects affecting vulnerable populations and, in particular, women and children.

The House of Chanel has always maintained a special appreciation for the arts. As such, Fondation CHANEL supports cultural events and the promotion of female artists.

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