Fondation Carrefour

Working daily alongside associations, the Carrefour Corporate Foundation fosters a mission of general interest at the international level against exclusion. In this way, it conducts sponsorship programs in conjunction with its distributor business, in the countries where Carrefour operates and in the Group's supplier countries.

Solidarity-based food

The Carrefour Foundation fights inequalities linked directly or indirectly to food. In order to reduce exclusion every day, the Foundation helps people in precarious situations by organizing and coordinating campaigns for donations and collections of consumer goods. It also supports the development of solidarity grocery stores. The Foundation also supports the development of agriculture and promotes the food industry. Finally, to promote a healthy and balanced diet, the Foundation implements nutritional programs.

Emergency assistance

The Foundation provides humanitarian assistance to people in emergency situations, notably through logistical support. In order to provide relief, it makes the Carrefour group's know-how available to associations by transporting goods as quickly as possible to the intervention sites and disaster areas.


Created in June 2017 and endowed with €1 million per year for 4 years, the Biodiversity Programme supports local stakeholders to enable them to develop innovations and concrete actions for the preservation of animal, plant and mineral biodiversity in France.