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Helping Flood-affected Households to recover

Bardera town experiences cyclical river flooding as a result of heavy rains in the Juba Basin and the Ethiopian highlands. This year’s Gu long rainfall caused flooding which affected more than 4000 households by destroying livelihood assets including farm lands, irrigation pumps and crops, displacing families and damaging shelter.

ACTED staff interview Bare in Bardera, June 2020

Update on ACTED’s Response to the Beirut Explosion

As rescue workers continue to trawl through the ruins of Beirut’s port area for survivors three days after the blast…

Building a community center to facilitate community information sharing

Baidoa currently hosts the largest IDP settlements in South-Central Somalia, as a result of the protracted conflict and consecutive shocks…

Increased access to safe, sufficient and reachable drinking water

Through this project, ACTED’s team in Somalia are aiming to improve access to safe, clean and sufficient drinking water for…

Image: Kai Wenze

ACTED celebrates World Bee Day with beekeepers in Ibb

The production of honey in Yemen has been a tradition since the 10th century and is an important way of life, especially in remote communities. For the occasion of World Bee Day on 20th May, 2020, ACTED returned to interview beekeepers supported in 2019 through OFDA funding and observe the impact of the past intervention.

Video: Update on the current status of Covid-19 in Afghanistan

While infection rates in Afghanistan at first appeared meagre in comparison to other States, the month of May saw an…

“I am better at my job than most men”

When one pictures a construction worker or a carpenter, the first thought for many is that this person is going…

As inflation soars across Yemen, ACTED provides immediate cash assistance

The war in Yemen continues to rage into its sixth year with no clear end in sight. Communities have had…