How cash-based assistance supports crisis-affected populations in Somalia

A beneficiary receives card topped up with cash in order to access food. ACTED supports victims of the drought through provision of lifesaving assistance including cash for work, rehabilitation of shallow wells and boreholes.

ACTED office in Kismayo, the capital city of Jubbaland, opened in 2013 to support people displaced in the county who were seeking refuge in the outskirts of Kismayo.

“ACTED through its implementing partner, SADO, implements most of the projects in Kismayo. Its activities include renovation and construction of water wells, feeder roads, as well as hygiene promotion activities. ACTED/SADO provides cash to the displaced people through either cash-for-work, where beneficiaries carry out community works in exchange of a temporary salary, or through unconditional cash transfers where the most vulnerable are given cash to buy food and cater for other basic needs,” explains an ACTED staff in Kismayo.

“So far, ACTED/SADO has helped 1,400 beneficiaries through the cash-for-work scheme while the unconditional cash has benefited 2,350 individuals. All the beneficiaries of these projects are internally displaced persons from Middle Juba, Lower Juba, Bay and Bakool areas. Most of the displaced people are in Dalxiiska camp and other camps in the outskirts of Kismayo” he adds.

“ACTED/SADO is implementing WASH, livelihood support and emergency projects to provide relief for many people suffering from the devastating effects of the ongoing drought, working closely with Village Relief Committees (VRCs) and Water Management Committees (WMCs) to identify suitable beneficiaries for the projects and ensure they are reaching the most vulnerable in the community,” says Mohamed, SADO livelihood officer.

Maryan, a 50 years old mother with 7 children, explains:

“I moved from Diinsoor, Bay region. After my husband died, I encountered many challenges including hunger due to the severe drought that engulfed the region. All my livestock died and the farms dried up because of lack of rain. I ran away from home and came to Kismayo, in Dalxiiska camp to find a better life for my family. ACTED has really helped me to restart my life and I am very grateful for the cash they provided to cater for my needs.When I arrived here, I was registered and given an ID card. I received USD $40 every month which I used to buy food and water for my children. I have repaid some debt that I owed and used the extra money received to start a sustainable livelihood for my family. I am now relieved and engaged in my business. My life has changed for the better”

Amany, 29 years old, benefited from ACTED/SADO cash-for-work programme:

“I had to leave Jamaame, in Lower Juba region because of the drought that severely affected my country. I came to the Dalxiiska camp in Kismayo and ACTED/SADO gave me a card that I used to access USD $40 every month. I saved money for months to open a shop. I now sell vegetables and other items to the displaced people for an income. I also bought a sewing machine that I use to make and repair torn clothes. I am grateful to ACTED/SADO for their crucial and timely support.”

Supporting crisis-affected populations in Elwak

The ACTED office in Elwak provides humanitarian assistance to the people afflicted by drought and displaced by conflict or natural disasters. Often lacking any kind of basic necessities, these crisis-affected populations are in great need of humanitarian assistance.

@Ilyas Ahmed
ACTED beneficiaries fetching water from a water well rehabilitated by ACTED at Qoryooley IDP camp in the outskirts of Elwak district, Somalia. ACTED supports victims of the drought through provision of lifesaving assistance including rehabilitation of shallow wells and boreholes.

ACTED in Elwak regularly caters to the needs of hundreds of thousands of families in camps hosting internally displaced people. The activities include water-trucking, unconditional cash transfers to support food security and livelihoods, hygiene promotion and the rehabilitation of WASH facilities such as toilets and shallow wells. It has also forged a fruitful partnership with SADO, a local NGO with a strong presence in Somalia. By joining forces, ACTED and SADO are increasing the impact of their action.

Ibrahim is a father of 15 children and is in charge of a camp for displaced people in the outskirts of Elwak. He recounts the challenges faced by the people in the camp, explains how ACTED and SADO worked to ease their suffering.

“The people in the camp fled the drought that befell their villages. The animals perished as there was no rain. They came here in bad conditions and were greatly helped by ACTED and SADO. We were given $70 each month for four months which relieved our situation greatly. The main challenge now is that people are still living in the bushes and makeshift shelters. They don’t have real houses and toilets are scarce. We hope that eventually we get more sustainable shelters and healthcare,” Ibrahim said.

Fadumo is one of the hundreds of persons who fled because of the drought and currently living in a camp in the outskirts of Elwak. She tells her story and recalls how ACTED and SADO supported her and other displaced people to get a better life.

“Life was unbearable after the drought hit us. Our livestock died and the farms did not receive enough rain. People in this camp have come from different drought-affected areas and are all internally displaced. We were severely affected by the drought and ACTED and SADO came in to help us regain our dignity. They gave us cash to buy food and other basic essentials and dug water wells for us to increase our access to clean water.”

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