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Dreaming big, starting small: The fresh new start of Delia’s bakery

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Delia's bakery shopfront in the Eastwind Residence relocation site, 2017

It has now been since the end of September that Delia’s bakery opened in Eastwind Residences relocation site.

Delia and her husband would start the day by baking hot malunggay pandesal, a nationwide common and trending vegetable flavoured bread, and different varieties of pastries they would then display in the bakeshop. Delia’s bakery offers nourishing and affordable bread, and always tries to best suit the taste and needs of the Eastwind community.

Delia’s husband used to be a baker in the town of Guiuan. The family faced great difficulties after Haiyan hit their hometown, destroying everything in its path. Without a home and income, they found themselves powerless in the face of adversity. They initially received support to have a shelter over their head, until they relocated in the Eastwind Residences, one among the 126 other families who lost their house in the disaster and since then lived in no build zones by the sea. Moving in this new home was already a great relief for the family.

This has been the beginning of a fresh new start for the family: they were living in a safer area, in a permanent and secure home, and, with ACTED’s support, are now able to manage their own business.

The couple takes good care of the bakery: they want to make a sustainable business out of it, for them and for their children. The bakery is ideally located in the heart of Eastwind Residences, and, once all the entitled families will have moved there, they expect the demand for bakery products to significantly increase, which means a profitable and fruitful future for their bakery.

Delia and her husband envision that they business should start to be fruitful in five years. Their motto to achieving this goal: dreaming big by starting small!