Citizens, companies, academics: let’s mobilize for Ukraine!

ACTED is fully mobilized in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries to support victims of the conflict. We need your support!

Of particular concern is the situation of internally displaced people and residents of major cities currently under bombing in Ukraine. They are mostly women, children and elderly people without resources.

Sébastien Lambroschini, ACTED Ukraine country director

The humanitarian disaster in Ukraine is taking a dramatic turn. Several large cities are now under fire: civilians have the choice to stay and risk being hit by shells, or to flee and be the target of deadly fire. ACTED, the second largest French NGO of international solidarity, is launching an appeal for donations to support its operation “Convoys for Ukraine”, which will allow the delivery of essential goods to the most affected areas.

ACTED is familiar with the situation in Ukraine. We have been working in Ukraine since 2015 to support the victims of the conflict in the Donbass. Today, ACTED is mobilizing its teams and local partners as well as self-help groups that are spontaneously forming throughout the country to provide humanitarian assistance to the hundreds of thousands of people who have not fled the country. In parallel, ACTED is intervening in Poland, Romania and Moldova with all refugees who were able to cross the border.