Podcast: ACTED’s vice-CEO Programmes, impact and accountability speaks on the challenge of greening the aid sector

ACTED’s vice-CEO Programmes, impact and accountability, Andre Krummacher, was the guest of Heba Aly on The New Humanitarian’s podcast episode "Reducing emissions in the aid sector". An opportunity for him to cover the sector’s challenges in terms of environmental policies, and our commitments at ACTED to respond to them.

Alongside Kathrine Vad, climate change adviser at the ICRC, Andre Krummacher spoke about the various ways our sector is challenged by the climate crisis, about our responsibility over it as NGOs, and about the concrete actions we can set up to take this responsibility.

What you can expect to hear…


  • What are the biggest challenges raised by climate issues for the aid sector as a whole – donors, suppliers, partners
  • What ACTED’s green strategy consists of
  • What ACTED’s priorities are in terms of greening
  • How ACTED measures its carbon footprint
  • How we can improve and make our activities greener, and why it is crucial to do so

As the environmental crises deepens, aid agencies such as ACTED are faced with two simultaneous challenges. We must propose coherent and proactive actions to respond to this crisis and support populations to be more resilient (…) and we must positively contribute to the collective responsibility by greening our operations.

Andre Kummacher, ACTED's vice-CEO

Link to the podcast episode:

The New Humanitarian | NGO emissions: Greening the aid sector


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