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Acted x WeWard: An Innovative Partnership for Change

Launched in 2019, WeWard is an application that fights against a sedentary lifestyle. By encouraging physical activity, WeWard rewards users with fictitious credits for each step taken, which can be converted into euros and then donated to associations. The local dynamism promoted by WeWard is fully aligned with Acted’s 3ZERO vision: Zero Carbon, Zero Exclusion, and Zero Poverty.

For the third time in two years, a new partnership has been signed between WeWard and Acted. After financing the shipment of a truck carrying 30 tons of essential goods to Ukraine in 2022, then supporting the distribution of food in Turkey and Syria in 2023, Acted and WeWard are joining forces again to provide access water to the victims of the floods in Libya.

By downloading the WeWard app, you can directly contribute to Acted’s emergency response efforts, and support 100 Libyan families by providing them with access to water, hygiene, and sanitation. To do this, simply download the WeWard application and donate your Wards to Acted.

In a world where every gesture counts to have a significant impact, this partnership shows how the tech and humanitarian worlds can come together to respond to humanitarian emergencies. Download WeWard today: