Launched in 2008 by ACTED, Convergences is the first platform for thought, advocacy and mobilization in Europe to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and the development of a world Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty (3Zero). Its mission is to organize debates, mobilize thoughts and actions, spread good practices and encourage the co-construction of partnerships and innovative solutions. Convergences relies on more than 200 partner organizations represented within its working groups to co-organize the Convergences World Forum, which brings together more than 5,000 participants every year, to publish report and publications, and to organize events throughout the year.

ACTED & Convergences

ACTED is a founding and running member of the board of Convergences, chaired by Frédéric Roussel, the co-founder and head of development at ACTED. The team of Convergences is hosted and employed by ACTED, which also provides support for the overseas deployment of the Convergences annual forum, recently in Myanmar and Tunisia.

The 3Zero Global Alliance empowers stakeholders from all over the world to make lasting connections to create positive change and, together, educate and advocate to shape solutions and multisector partnerships that save and improve millions of lives. It inspires stakeholders to drive societal change and address some of the most pressing issues the world faces today.

ACTED calls upon its partners and stakeholders, as well as civil society, public and private actors but also academics and the media to work together on addressing the poverty challenge that most of the world’s population still faces, through an inclusive and low carbon growth, limited in use of natural resources and rich in personal and collective development. In order to do so in an inclusive, cross-sectoral and creative manner, stakeholders were called to join the 3Zero Global Alliance for a “Zero exclusion, Zero carbon, Zero poverty” world.

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