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ACTED marks World Refugee Day 2016 in host communities in Jordan

ACTED conducts recreational activities with Syrian refugee children living in host communities in northern Jordan.ACTED’s education and protection tea...

A space of our own, gardening plots for South Sudanese internally displaced persons

PoC3, a Protection of Civilian site, is the largest in Juba. The site was established in December 2013 and today hosts anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000...

The human story of Ko Maung Maung

I live in a village in Eastern Myanmar, with my 6 family members. I used to be a farmer and I owned 6 acres of farms, 4 cows and 15 chickens and lived...

Photo report: Life in a Jordanian refugee camp

ACTED marks World Refugee day, and continues to work towards better living conditions for 300,000 refugees in northern JordanACTED has been registered...

In Nepal, refugees and internally displaced persons still face a critical situation

Between the civil war and the earthquakes, the situation has worsenedNepal hosts a majority of refugees from Bhutan and Tibet. In the early 1990s, mor...

Chad | Emergency

Supporting internally displaced persons and refugees in Chad

The current protracted crisis in the Lake Basin Chad region is characterized by a strong interconnection between food insecurity, conflict and massive displacements (WFP, Mai 2016 [...]

myanmar | Rehabilitation

Celebrating World Refugee Day in Thailand

Building self-reliance for Burmese refugees in Thailand: Vocational training to support livelihoodThailand is host to one of the most protracted refugee crisis in Southeast Asia. [...]

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ACTED marks World Refugee Day 2016 in host communities in Jordan

ACTED conducts recreational activities with Syrian refugee children living in host communities in northern Jordan.ACTED’s education and protection team comprising Jordanian and [...]


2016/06/10 - Cambodia

ACTED 2015: ACTED peer educators receiving extensive training from ACTED and SSCACTED’ peer educators receive new materials for reducing the risk of sexual gender based violence (SGBV) against female entertainment workers.Thanks to funding from the [...]

2016/06/03 - Iraq

ACTED Iraq provides critical child protection programming in underserved locations of Diyala Governorate, Central Iraq.Funded through the Humanitarian Pool Fund (IHPF), ACTED established an emergency mobile child protection response in underserved and hard to [...]

2016/06/03 - Iraq

ACTED Child Protection staff celebrate International Children’s Day, the start of a new project and with that the end of a 4 month funding gap for child protection in a Syrian Refugee Camp in Dohuk.As of the 1st of June 2016, coinciding with International [...]

2016/05/26 - Cambodia

ACTED Cambodia: ACTED and NEA staff standing in front of a NEA job center in Phnom PenhACTED and the Cambodian National Employment Agency sign Memorandum of UnderstandingOn May 23rd ACTED signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Cambodian National [...]

2016/05/11 - Nepal

ACTED Nepal: Kathmandu, 29 april 2015, four days after the first earthquakeLocated less than 80km from the epicenter of the earthquake of 25 April 2015, the Kathmandu Valley was particularly affected by the disaster.Arriving only two days after the earthquake [...]

2016/05/11 - Nepal

 Although very close to the capital Kathmandu, Sindhupalchok district is one of the least developed in the country. It was also one of the most affected districts by the earthquakes. More than 3,000 people were killed and nearly 900 were injured. In this [...]

2016/05/09 - Cambodia

© ACTED Cambodia: ACTED and KYA team working with the CLCs management committee during the CLC soft opening in Prey VengACTED opens four pilots Community Learning Centers in Prey Veng ProvinceIn order to support their families, many young Cambodians leave the [...]

2016/05/04 - Haiti

ACTED Haiti: The tent (on the left) is where cholera patients were taken care of before the construction of the CTUACTED and Médecins du Monde-France (MdM) rehabilitate a Cholera Treatment Unit (CTU) in Dame MarieIn addition to its work of epidemiological [...]

2016/05/02 - Nepal

Dolakha district in Nepal was one of the most affected districts in the country, being at the epicenter of the second earthquake on 12 May 2015. 177 people lost their lives and almost 50,000 houses were completely damaged. ACTED and its partners took [...]

2016/05/02 - Nepal

ACTED has been supporting the populations in the Okhaldhunga district, in East Nepal, since the two earthquakes last year. To support households during the cold winter season in Nepal, ACTED has been implementing a winterization project to provide populations [...]