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Sustainable Development Goals: tackling poverty, inequality and climate change together

This week, world leaders are gathering at the United Nations in New York to formally adopt the new sustainable development agenda. The agenda is compr...

Remembering David Haines

One year ago, David Haines was murdered in Syria. Today our thoughts are with David's family and friends. Our thoughts are also with all aid workers w...

3 Zero: Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty

In 2015 the international community is getting ready to make decisive commitments for the future of our planet. First in September in New York with th...

Nepal Emergency: Four Months On

ACTED arrived in Sankhu Town within 4 days after the April 25th, 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal. ACTED immediately distributed emergency tarpau...

Severe humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Situation update 18 August 2015World Humanitarian Day: Highlighting the critical situation in YemenIn Yemen, the death toll now stands at 2,000 with o...

Jordan | Emergency

Syrian children paint for peace in Jordan

September 21st 2015 marked the International Day of Peace, an annual celebration devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace among all nations and peoples. As Syrians continue to [...]

CAR | Emergency

Resurgence of violence in Bangui: People trapped, humanitarian workers targeted

On the morning of September 26, violence suddenly returned to the PK5 neighborhood after the murder of a young Muslim motorcycle taxi driver, leading to regular tensions in this [...]

Sri Lanka | Rehabilitation

From human-elephant conflict to climate change: Better prepared for natural disaster in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka elephants are sacred and perceived as a symbolic national animal. They also represent a major tourist attraction. However shrinking elephant habitats and expanding [...]


2015/09/28 - Mali

Since 2012, multiple climate related and political crises have led to a critical food security situation: more than 3.1 million people remain food insecure in Mali.To address the food security crisis, ACTED works in Menaka, with the support of the Food for [...]

2015/09/16 - Tajikistan

Capacity building training session about guesthouse minimum requirements.ACTED, with support of the EU, is working to improve the business conditions of community based tourism in Tajikistan by increasing the sector’s contribution to the economic and social [...]

2015/09/15 - Cambodia

Undertaken by the Cambodian Research and Consultancy Centre, the study on non-formal education in Cambodia identifies the best methods and lessons learnt by actors working in Cambodia’s non-formal education sector, as well as the recommendations that will [...]

2015/09/11 - South Sudan

ACTED has been running a vocational training center in Gendrassa refugee camp in Maban County, Upper Nile State, South Sudan since December 2012 with the help of refugees and the support of the Bureau of Population and the UNHCR.The vocational training [...]

2015/09/07 - Philippines

A barangay (village) is declared Zero Open Defecation if no one defecates in the open anymore. In Eastern Samar province, where Typhoon Haiyan first made landfall in late 2013, ACTED has supported 44 barangays (a total population of 21, 120 people) reach Zero [...]

2015/09/04 - Yemen

Sana’a, YEMEN:The international humanitarian response has been hampered by unrelenting airstrikes, ground conflict, high fuel prices, damaged roads, frequent checkpoints, and stalling funding.Yet, humanitarian workers inside Yemen, both Yemeni and [...]

2015/09/03 - Yemen

Sana’a, YEMEN:The plan to meet the most urgent humanitarian needs in Yemen was revised in June. It was determined that of the 21.1 million people in need of some kind of assistance, 11.7 million of the most vulnerable could be targeted with 1.6 billion USD of [...]

2015/09/03 - Lebanon

 Lebanon finds itself in the midst of a waste management crisis that has been ongoing since mid July of this year. With the closure of the country’s main landfill, the treatment, disposal and storage of waste has been disrupted, leading to an [...]

2015/09/02 - Yemen

Sana'a, YEMEN:Yemen is one of the world’s most water poor countries. As a result of the crisis, 20.4 million people are in need of assistance related to water, sanitation or hygiene.9.4 million have suspended, reduced, or disrupted access to water largely as [...]

2015/09/01 - Yemen

Sana'a, YEMEN:Before the crisis, some 10.6 million people in Yemen were food insecure. In just over five months, there has been an astonishing 15.7% increase in this figure, leaving 12.3 million unable to access sufficient food. This figure is rising.Ten [...]