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Septic tanks for improved health and sanitation in Sri Lanka

In May 2016, severe floods hit Sri Lanka, causing spilling of toilet waste in the streets of urban areas, especially in Colombo and Gampaha districts,...

Another step towards Zaatari’s wastewater network!

A sense of calm reigns over Za’atari camp. The usually hum of heavy machinery has ceased and the construction sites that once invaded neighbourhoods h...

“I hope to eventually continue studying and get a degree”

Amena’s story, from Syria to King Abdullah ParkAmena, a Syrian volunteer with ACTED, stands near the controls of a crackling sound system and humming...

Mangrove conservation for disaster risk reduction

Myanmar, and especially Rakhine State, is part of the most disaster-affected regions in the world in terms of frequency, scale, and severity, and is p...

Alliance2015 for Syria

Today, March 15th 2017, marks the sixth year of the conflict in Syria.This conflict has resulted in the largest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our...

Somalia | Emergency

Fleeing drought-affected areas: Internal displacements continue in Somalia

Several seasons of consecutive poor and failed rains have taken their toll on pastoral and agro-pastoral communities, forcing them to travel vast distances to find water and [...]

Lebanon | Emergency

World Water Day 2017: Working together for safe water in Lebanon’s vulnerable communities

World Water Day, celebrated on March 22 of every year, was designated by the United Nations to focus on the importance of fresh water and promote the sustainable management of [...]

Jordan | Emergency

Supporting Syrian refugees’ winter needs through cash transfers

Over 15,000 Syrians live in informal tented settlements across rural Jordan. As these makeshift settlements are located far from urban centres and are cut off from their [...]


2017/03/21 - Iraq

Since July 2016, ACTED has been providing child protection services to vulnerable displaced people and host community members in Ninewa governorate through the support of the Iraq Humanitarian Pooled Fund (IHPF).This project was initially designed to provide [...]

2017/03/17 - Lebanon

Jessica, ACTED EU Aid Volunteer in Lebanon since December 2016, contributes to agriculture and food security projects. In March 2017, she went on a field visit in Akkar district, in the north of Lebanon, to discuss the implementation of a food security [...]

2017/03/15 - Cambodia

ACTED facilitates Workers Sabay Final Workshop to discuss project achievements and challenges3 years into the EU- funded Workers Sabay pilot certification scheme, ACTED and local partner Cambodia Food and Service Workers’ Federation (CFSWF) brought together [...]

2017/03/14 - Philippines

After being trained, and having developed their very own business plans, 38 families from Guiuan have received the first instalment of a grant that will allow them to launch their business.While those families were living by the sea and relied on fishing as [...]

2017/03/07 - Cambodia

 With a high rates of school drop-out, youth from Prey Veng Province lack the practical skills they need to secure viable employment and livelihoods. As a result, youth are highly vulnerable to urban migration for work purposes, which can sometimes lead [...]

2017/02/23 - DRC

Pweto, a small village located in the North-East part of the Katanga region, has been affected by destructions caused by bad weather conditions. Many homes were destroyed, leaving populations in need of emergency assistance. Populations of Pweto spent several [...]

2017/02/23 - DRC

Since January 2016, torrential rains in the health zone of Manono, in theSouth-Eastern part of the Tanganiyka province of DRC, have caused heavy flooding. 56,000 people living in the territory of Manono have been exposed to the consequences of natural [...]

2017/02/07 - Philippines

The model house is a milestone for the construction project in Guiuan, PhilippinesA model house is now on display in Cogon relocation site, Guiuan, Eastern Samar. The house is the first of 126 permanent shelters to be achieved to relocate typhoon-affected [...]

2017/01/24 - Uganda

Supporting coordination and effective response in KaramojaACTED Uganda has published an assessment report on the factors that affect pastoralists livelihoods and migratory patterns in the Karamoja, Northwest region of Uganda. The report was published with [...]

2017/01/20 - DRC

 The Libenge team organized an awareness campaign on the risks of contamination and spread of HIV/AIDS as part of a project to improve food security, access to water, sanitation and hygiene for refugees and vulnerable host populations in the North and [...]