Nigeria: ACTED and the REACH team condemn the assassination of their team member and four other humanitarian workers and captives

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Helping Flood-affected Households to recover

Bardera town experiences cyclical river flooding as a result of heavy rains in the Juba Basin and the Ethiopian highlands.…

Life in conflict-affected areas in Eastern Ukraine

Despite its disappearance from the international media spotlight, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine is still ongoing. Seven years on, civilians,…

La guerre au Yémen continue de faire rage et entre dans sa sixième année sans qu'une fin claire ne soit…

As inflation soars across Yemen, ACTED provides immediate cash assistance

The war in Yemen continues to rage into its sixth year with no clear end in sight. Communities have had to adjust to the uncertainty of finding work, food and security for their families. With little prospect for improvement in the situation, a growing portion of the population is falling further into food insecurity as public resources dry up and jobs become increasingly scarce.

Providing new shelters to Yemenis affected by flash floods

Isolated in the low rising mountains on the Gulf of Aden, Yemeni families displaced from Al Hudaydah as a result…

Convergences publishes “3Zero: 100 Concrete Solutions for Tomorrow’s World”

At a time when the whole world is experiencing an unprecedented upheaval with day to day life brought to a…

ACTED Afghanistan, April 2020 - ACTED already produced and distributed 150,000 masks across the North of the country. The production continues.

Afghanistan: Quick! Masks!

Against the background of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, ACTED Afghanistan continues to support the communities throughout the northern provinces of the country. Working closely with the communities and the provincial authorities, ACTED Afghanistan already provided 10,000 masks to the populations and health services of Balkh province. At the same time, community mobilization and sensitization are ongoing. Now, our commitment must go further.

Distribution of masks for ACTED in Niger

584 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Niger. ACTED is now working to support the most vulnerable to prevent…

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