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ACTED relies on the commitment of more than 4,600 aid workers operating in 35 different countries around the world, but also within regional teams and the headquarters in France (Paris), all part of an international network.

Operations worldwide

Our teams are working to provide relief to the most vulnerable populations in crisis situations and to bring sustainable solutions to situations of rampant poverty in ACTED’s 35 countries of interventions.

Day after day, 4,600 employees, including 300 international staff, face emergency situations, support rehabilitation efforts, and implement development projects in full collaboration with local communities and national actors.

Each mission utilizes local and international experts. Technicians and managers, teams in the field and teams in regional offices, women and men are working together to ensure the continuity, the efficiency, and the relevance of field projects that are led by each mission’s country director.

Regional teams

These humanitarian interventions are coordinated and backed - on the regional level - by ten-member teams. Each team is composed of a regional director, auditors, and back up experts who have additional technical skills.

In order to enhance the coherence of our operations, projects and initiatives are integrated within a regional framework which develops team feedbacks and improves our capacities to respond to the most complicated humanitarian situations.

Through consistent and coordinated approaches, we aim for efficient regional humanitarian response to address issues in several countries in Western Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, South and South-East Asia, and Central America.

An international network

ACTED's commitments are manifested through an international network composed of field missions, offices of regional coordination that are enhancing the relevance and efficiency of our interventions, as well as representative delegations in Washington DC and Geneva. These offices are in charge of transmitting information on field operations to international humanitarian institutions and donors, while taking part in the awareness-raising campaign and the mobilization of the international community for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the United States, ACTED’s office in Washington DC guarantees a representation to North American operators and supports our projects in Haiti and Nicaragua.

ACTED also has an office in Geneva, the world’s capital of international cooperation. Within the framework of its think-tank, IMPACT Initiatives, ACTED’s Geneva office participates in debates and reflections alongside international organisations and NGOs.

In London, ACTED UK ensures representation towards key policy makers, donors and relief community, networks and academics, in support to ACTED programming worlwide.

France Headquarters

In the Paris headquarters, some fifty staff are dedicated to the operational support of our projects in the field.

The definition, development, follow-up and evaluation of our programmes in our 35 countries of interventions are supported by the Programme Department. The Programme Department also offers strategic support to our countries, as well as is in charge of monitoring ACTED's projects through the AME unit.

The Human Resources Department is in charge of the recruitment of international employees, the administration and management of our international teams, as well as supporting in country HR department.

Project follow-up and coordination are handled by Grant Management and Finance. Logistical and operational support, as well as purchase, are handled by the Logistics Department. The Security and Safety Department supports country directors and focal security points in risk analysis and operational contextualisation as well as the implementation of risk prevention measures, contingency plans, and the definition of adapted security measures in each mission.

The Audit Department audits and ensures the effective implementation of ACTED’s global administrative, financial, logistical, operational, and security procedures.

The General Direction coordinates and manages ACTED’s missions in the field and in HQ. General Direction enusures ACTED’s representation in France, Europe and global levels, as well as its global positioning and strategic development. The department also follows on a daily basis ACTED’s field operations and supports the teams depending on the needs and the emergency.

In addition to the coordination and the management of the ACTED network throughout the world, General Direction reports to the governance body of the association (board) and to its members. Board members meet every trimester and the Board of directors every months. Members of ACTED meet once every year as the General Assembly. The governance body and ACTED members decide of ACTED's main strategic orientations and to validate its operational choices.

By developing and supporting new initiatives within the framework of its Development Department and thanks to its long experience in the field, ACTED now aims to contribute in a useful manner to the exchanges and reflections currently structuring the humanitarian world. The Communication Department works on increasing the effective visibility of field missions and ACTED’s commitments toward various audiences. The Communication Department also works on raising awareness among the public on humanitarian issues we are witnessing in our countries of intervention, as well as co-facilitate advocacy initiatives.

Organizational chart

Download here ACTED's organigram (August 2017)