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ACTED General board 

ACTED is a non profit organisation registered in France under the 1901 Association Law, with 127 members, and overseen by a board of 16 board members:

  • Mr Bertrand Gallet, Director, Cités Unies France (President),
  • Mr Eric Deschoenmaeker, European civil servant (Vice-President),
  • Mr Frédéric Dohet, deputy director, RTE (Treasurer),
  • Mr Jean Claude Chapon, Journalist (Secretary),
  • M. Vianney Basse, consultant (Administrator),
  • Mr Philippe Borel, Professor (Administrator),
  • Mrs Priscilla de Moustier, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, OXUS Holding (Administrator),
  • Mme Marie-Aimée Dommange, territorial officer (Administrator),
  • Mrs Cécile Ernst-Mollier, ministerial official (Administrator),
  • Mr Olivier Ferrando, Professor (Administrator),
  • Mrs Sonia Jedidi, Embassy attaché (Administrator),
  • Mr Laurent Laloge, retired Officer (Administrator),
  • Mr Cyrille Langendorff, Banker (Administrator),
  • M. Matthias Leridon, CEO of a Communications Company (Administrator).

Each month, members of the Board committee gather in ACTED HQ Office in Paris (France), in order to review and approve the operations conducted of the assessed period and discuss strategic orientations and decisions with the General Delegate.

The General Assembly gathers the 127 members of ACTED on a yearly basis to choose the members of the Board committee, to validate the annual activity report as well as the financial report, and to discuss general orientations and strategies for the upcoming year.