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Rep. Congo

The indissoluble paradigm of civil society and equitable development

In the Republic of the Congo, last years’ favourable environment turned into a concerning socio-economic situation, due to the decline in oil revenues. Within this context, ACTED continues to support Congo’s civil society organisations (CSOs), essential to tackle inequalities and poverty affecting 46.5% of the population. ACTED got involved in supporting the marketing of agricultural products for the farmers in the Bouenza department. Environmental preservation has also been a priority in 2015, through support provided to good governance mechanisms.

Supporting collective strategies for the marketing of agricultural products

In 2015, ACTED supported 400 farmers and 40 young promoters of agricultural production valuation activities to find collective marketing solutions, while only a few agricultural products reach a point of sale. ACTED provided support to producers through transport solutions, information on market prices, structuring of management committees, trainings in management and marketing, and financial support for micro-projects. The improvement of agricultural products circulation to urban centres and diversification of the economy in the Bouenza department have also contributed to strengthening food security.

Strengthening good governance in the environmental sector

The Republic of the Congo is committed to fighting against the effects of climate change. ACTED has been working in collaboration with the competent administrations to develop a program of greenhouse emissions reduction, and has developed the cost-benefit analysis and the investment plan of the national strategy for emissions reduction related to deforestation and forest degradation. At the local level, ACTED is committed with indigenous peoples, local communities, forest authorities and companies to improve the logging related benefit-sharing mechanism for the benefit of people living in forest areas.

Developing community micro-projects to foster the economic opening-up

Placing civil society at the core of solutions and services, ACTED conducted actions aiming at opening up isolated areas in the North of the country, where the circulation of people, goods and money is a major issue, and leads to isolation situations and subsequent non exploitation of production potential. In 2015, ACTED supported 57 forest-based community groups to set up and implement agricultural micro-projects, contributing to reinforcing fair and efficient distribution mechanisms of local development funds and leadership bodies representation mechanisms to improve their governance.

Supporting civil society in tackling poverty

In 2016, ACTED will continue to foster dialog between civil society and the government, as a fundamental mechanism for good governance and poverty reduction. Working with governmental organisations is essential to reach land-locked non-areas of the territory, where highly-vulnerable populations live. ACTED will promote social justice and support participatory development planning in order to create a pro-poor environment for improved access to service delivery  and opportunities to develop their potential, whether in agriculture, environment or sustainable and local economic development initiatives.

Revenus en hausse à la suite du soutien apporté aux agriculteurs

Sébastien, a market gardener from Bouenza, benefited from  training in simplified management and a grant for the transport of goods. Before that, he did not know how to calculate profits, charges and expenses, from field preparation to harvesting and sale. “Today, thanks to the training, I can calculate my profits and distribute them. And thanks to the truck made available to the project beneficiaries, my income has increased by 75%”. He suggests that ACTED also subsidises tractors, a necessary mechanization to expand crop areas.

Increasing incomes thanks to  support for farmers

In some remote areas of Congo, entire communities still live in extreme poverty. Through partnerships with civil society, ACTED supported in 2015 agricultural producers in commercializing their produce in urban areas, contributing to sustainable economic development in the region. Furthermore, ACTED supported the government’s strategy to reduce CO2 emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation. ACTED contributed to achieving climate-smart sustainable agriculture that will promote the economic development of the most vulnerable people of Congo Brazzaville.

Partners in 2015:

European Commission Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO), European Forest Institute (EFI), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), World Bank (WB)

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