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Mosul emergency response last update

ACTED 2017
Non Food Item Distribution under Shelterbox in Ninewa governorate

On the 9th of July, Mosul city was officially declared retaken by the Iraqi Prime Minister. The military offensive is however about to start in Telafar, Hawiga and West Anbar. As a result, displacement continues in Ninewa governorate, Salah al Din, and Anbar. For instance, over the past 3 weeks, over 200 families moved to camps in North, South and East of Mosul. In parallel to this, the rate of returns is increasing, as improved access to their area of origin is the main reason for families to go back home.

In July, ACTED continued to provide multi-sectorial emergency response to address the needs of Internally Displaced People, returnees and host communities.

ACTED continues to conduct direct camp management activities in Salamiyah 1 and 2 camps

ACTED 2017
Salamiyah camp, Iraq

ACTED manages Salamiyah 1 and 2 camps (Hamdaniya district, Ninewa), which have been receiving an increasing number of individuals fleeing the fighting in West Mosul. As Camp Manager, ACTED helds weekly coordination meeting in both camps, and worked to promote participation of camp’ residents through several committees. While in Salamiyah 1 the Women Committee, the Youth Committee and the Maintenance Committee had already been established, in Salamiyah 2 the same committees, with the additional Child Protection Committee, were formed during the month of July. Concerning service provision, ACTED also completed the installation of communal kitchens in Salamiyah 1, and established fire safety procedures in Salamiyah 2.

ACTED: primary water, hygiene and sanitation responder in Salamiyah 1

ACTED 2017
Distribution of non-food items within ACTED’s activities in Iraq

ACTED ensures the delivery of water, sanitation, and hygiene services. In order to come up a more sustainable solution to the challenge of water availability, now water is delivered through a water distribution line, which connects the camp to the main pipeline running from Salamiyah water treatment plant. Thanks to this, every resident of Salamiyah 1 has access to 40 liters of water per day.

Next to water support, ACTED’s sanitation and hygiene response in Salamiyah camp included the construction of the solid waste pit and continued to perform latrine cleaning and desludging. ACTED also ensured that camp residents were served by garbage removal, through the emptying of garbage collection points every two days. Finally, ACTED distributed monthly hygiene kits to 9,808 family as well as 397 baby kits. To promote good hygiene practices in the long term ACTED also conducted hygiene promotion campaigns

Addressing shelter and Non-Food Items in partnership with Shelterbox

ACTED is currently implementing, in partnership with Shelterbox, a project aimed at addressing the shelter and non-food items (NFIs) needs of individuals who fled from Mosul and are living in Ninewa governorate, both in and out of camps. Through this project, in July ACTED distributed 688 emergency-shelter kits and 713 non-food item kits in Hamdanyia district, in Telafar and in East Mosul.

ACTED 2017
Salamiyah camp, Iraq

Child Protection

ACTED has recently began the implementation of a new project which aims at providing child protection services to over 3,500 children living in newly retaken areas in Ninewa. In July, ACTED registered 477 children across 8 newly retaken areas to participate in children and youth friendly spaces (CFS/YSF) activities.

Multi-sectorial intervention in West Mosul and the Mosul corridor

In consortium with People in Need (PIN) and as part of Alliance2015, ACTED began the implementation of a multi-sectorial project which will benefit over 12,000 vulnerable residents in Mosul and in Mosul corridor. This project has 3 components: first, the distribution of non-food items (NFIs), WASH and hygiene kits; secondly, the provision of child protection and non-formal education to children and youth; lastly, the support to 590 West Mosul residents with a one-off cash transfer (multipurpose cash assistance). In order to determine the functionality of the markets in West Mosul, in July ACTED conducted, together with REACH Initiative and the Cash Working Group partners, a joint rapid market assessment in the neighborhood of Al Risalah.