Justice Center for Legal Aid

Established in 2008, Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA) is a Jordanian not-for-profit and non-governmental organisation registered with the Jordanian Societies Registry.
Since 2008, JCLA has grown from one legal aid clinic in Amman to become the largest legal aid provider in Jordan, providing legal aid services at 21 clinics located across all 12 governorates. Each month, JCLA assists approximately 375 beneficiaries through legal consultations, provides legal representation to approximately 150 beneficiaries across 200 cases, and reaches approximately 3600 vulnerable people through its awareness sessions.

JCLA is committed to empowering all poor and vulnerable people in Jordan, with a view to realising a society where everyone has equal access to justice.

JCLA provides poor and vulnerable people in Jordan with access to legal aid services, including legal consultations and legal representations. Through awareness sessions, JCLA informs the community about legal aid and the law. Through advocating for the enhancement of the Kingdom's legal aid system, JCLA strives to uphold the right of all to access justice in Jordan.