Mission Context

In Senegal, despite a context of economic growth, more than one third of the population is still living below the poverty line. The region of Matam, North-East of the country, is one of the most affected by poverty and chronic food insecurity caused by the consequences of climate change. ACTED is working in the region to respond to the crisis and to strengthen people’s food autonomy. ACTED is also involved in reinforcing civil society at the regional level through its support to two important networks in West and Central Africa; and at the local level through the involvement of civil society in the search for sustainable sanitation solutions in Matam and on the outskirts of Dakar. Beyond its current projects, ACTED is committed to supporting grassroots initiatives and civil society organisations towards 3Zero: Zero Poverty, Zero Carbon, Zero Exclusion.

ACTED in Senegal

In Senegal, ACTED is currently working in the region of Matam to improve food availability and accessibility. To this end, ACTED provides food assistance, participates in the care of malnourished children, strengthens household production capacities and develops market gardening activities. In the Nort-East of the country as well as in the outskirts of Dakar, ACTED supports and reinforces the technical capacities of civil society organisations in the sanitation sector so they can develop and deploy programmes to improve sanitation structures while increasing their involvement in public policies. ACTED is also working to strengthen the democratic inclusion of civil society in West and Central Africa, through capacity building provided to networks of national NGOs to further relay citizens’ interests.

A FAFD focal point (local partner) inspects a garden as part of the monitoring of the project's market activities, Matam region
A woman signs the register of beneficiaries after having benefited from an ACTED distribution in the framework of the fight against malnutrition, Matam region
Civil society organisations trained in sanitation modelling and representation in their neighbourhood, Matam region, January 2018

Food and nutrition security in the Matam region