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Increasing food autonomy and supporting civil society

Despite the economic growth of Senegal, over one third of the population still lives under the poverty line in 2016. Poverty particularly affects the Matam region, located in the North-Eastern part of the country, also severely impacted by climate change, inducing a chronic food insecurity situation in the region. In 2016 ACTED responded to the crisis in the region and empowered populations for increased food autonomy. Moreover, ACTED supported two major civil society networks for Central and Western Africa, with the aim of increasing their voices and strengthening their role as key development stakeholders.

ACTED’s work focuses on responding to economic and social challenges in the Matam region by implementing food security programmes. These projects aim at tackling poverty and malnutrition, targeting especially children and women. Furthermore, ACTED addresses the issue faced by civil society organisations in participating in democratic governance: ACTED’s efforts thus focus on enhancing the democratic inclusion of Western and Central African civil society organisations by supporting institutional structuring to serve the citizens’ interests in Western and Central Africa.

Supporting the most vulnerable to tackle the food crisis

ACTED and its partners develop seasonal safety nets programming aligned to the national strategy in the Matam region. ACTED and its partners provide unconditional cash transfers and distributions of food supplements for children aged 6-59 months and pregnant or lactating women, reducing the vulnerability of 1,158 households (9,362 individuals) in a context of food and nutrition crisis. ACTED also works with a network for improved food security in Senegal, with the aim of influencing national initiatives to tackle malnutrition.

Strengthening civil society influence

ACTED supports two Western and Central African networks representing 2,000 African NGOs since 2013: REPAOC, based in Dakar, and REPONGAC, based in Kinshasa. ACTED continues to support these two networks by reinforcing their fundraising, communication and management capacities. ACTED also provides structural support and enhances their interaction capacity with their members, in particular through the creation of a local NGOs directory and by setting up a website. This enables to increase the dialogue and advocacy activities of these platforms of NGOs towards regional institutions.


Partners in 2016 :


Direction Générale pour la protection civile et les opérations d'aide humanitaire européennes de la Commission européenne (ECHO), EuropeAid, Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international français (MAEDI)

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