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3 years of crisis #WithSyrians #WithSyria15 March 2014 marks three years since the Syrian uprising began. More than 130,000 lives have been lost and a...

Spaces to feel safe, for refugee children and youth

The crisis in Syria has caused for nearly 220,000 refugees to flee to the neighbouring Iraqi Kurdistan, seeking a safe space, opportunities, and hope...

Pursuing efforts to support displaced populations in South Sudan

Ensuring the effective coordination of sites for displaced populations in South SudanThe ongoing crisis in South Sudan has forced some 958,000 people...

Mapping a child’s life in a refugee camp

Climbing trees, playing football in a park and visiting a neighbouring town – these may seem like normal activities in the life of a child. However, t...

"Being an actor of change is at the heart of my motivations."

After 3 years of missions for ACTED, Romain worked in 7 different countries, in situations where understanding, learning and adapting quickly are very...

Jordan |

Colours of resilience: Film screening and panel discussion

ACTED and AptART are pleased to announce the screening of three original short films documenting the development of community-based street art projects in Refugee Camps and host [...]

oPT |

"There is a need to share knowledge and experiences between countries."

Maram has been working for ACTED since three years. She became project manager of the Electron Forum project in Palestine, aiming to strengthen the capacities of youth to become [...]


"Being an actor of change is at the heart of my motivations."

After 3 years of missions for ACTED, Romain worked in 7 different countries, in situations where understanding, learning and adapting quickly are very crucial. He will soon work [...]


2014/04/17 - Tajikistan

DUSHANBE [ACTED News] – On April 1, tourism specialists from across Tajikistan met at the Bactria Cultural Centre to embark on the creation of a new nation-wide umbrella organization uniting tourism organizations.The new organization, created with the support [...]

2014/04/17 - Iraq

Erbil [ACTED News] – On the 8th of April, ACTED and other NGOs took part in a “Keep Kawergosk Clean” Initiative, in Kawergosk Syrians Refugee Camp, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. After 10 days of preparations, the day was a resounding success. Staff from 11 [...]

2014/04/15 - Pakistan

ISLAMABAD [ACTED News] - In 2012 monsoon floods in Pakistan affected 2.5 million households across southern Punjab and Sindh province for the third time. Most of the affected communities are socio-economically disadvantaged with most households involved in [...]

2014/04/11 - India

[ACTED News] – Underdevelopment and limited livelihood opportunities means that a significant number of people living in India’s North East rely on government financed development schemes. For instance, one such scheme aims to strengthen livelihood security [...]

2014/04/11 - Iraq

ERBIL [ACTED News] – In refugee camps, far away from their homes, opportunities to get together and celebrate important days for Syrian refugees are rare.For the Syrian refugees that celebrate the Newroz new year, ACTED teams and other NGOs hosted a full day [...]

2014/04/08 - CAR

BANGUI [ACTED news] – In Bangui, ACTED teams have been working since March to support the resilience of communities affected by the conflicts in Central African Republic, with the support of UNDP. A 10 kilometre road section will be rehabilitated, employing [...]

2014/04/02 - Jordan

 AMMAN [ACTED News] – A street artwork project designed by Syrian and Jordanian youth and organised by ACTED in partnership with AptART in northern Jordan was showcased at a private viewing event hosted by ACTED and the French ambassador to Jordan.The [...]

2014/03/28 - South Sudan

AWERIAL [ACTED news] - Hostilities in and around the town of Bor in Jonglei State, South Sudan, has driven thousands of civilians to cross the river to Awerial County in Lakes State.Many of the 76,000 people displaced are living in open areas, sheltering [...]

2014/03/28 - Jordan

MAFRAQ [ACTED News] – Jordan has one of the lowest levels of water resource availability per capita in the world. Access to water in Jordan has become increasingly problematic due to the added pressures of Syrian refugees living in Jordan.In the northern [...]

2014/03/28 - Indonesia

BETUN [ACTED News] – Nusa Tenggara Timur is one of the most food insecure provinces in Indonesia, where over a quarter of households are considered food insecure. Agriculture is the main livelihood source in the area yet the province has a significantly lower [...]


REACH Brochure January 2014 - Informing More Effective Humanitarian Action

Why was REACH created?

To respond to two critical gaps in the humanitarian system:

  • Aid actors have limited information at the onset of an emergency
  • Aid actors have limited knowledge of the communities they support