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World Map of ACTED in 2014

As we enter into 2015, here is a map created by REACH Initiative showing where ACTED teams worked in 2014, responding to emergencies and building peop...

Philippines Typhoon Hagupit

8/12/2014 Typhoon Hagupit has made landfallThe vast majority of locals have gotten through the natural disaster, which is making its way to Manilla, s...

Lebanon: host of the largest per capita refugee population in the world

As we approach the 4th anniversary of the crisis in Syria the conflict continues to rage, affecting millions of civilians across the region. Almost ha...

In memoriam of David Haines

Following the tragic loss of our colleague David, we have received hundreds of messages of support and condolences from around the world. The outpour...

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Haiti 5 Years On

Five years ago, on 12th January 2010, Haiti was struck by an unprecedented earthquake affecting hundreds of thousands of people and causing approximately 3 million deaths. The [...]

Afghanistan |

World Map of ACTED in 2014

As we enter into 2015, here is a map created by REACH Initiative showing where ACTED teams worked in 2014, responding to emergencies and building people's and communites' [...]


Strengthening emergency response in South Sudan

What does REACH do in South Sudan?REACH has been active in South Sudan since August 2012 when the first team arrived to respond to the refugee crisis on the border with Sudan. The [...]


2015/01/22 - Mali

There are currently over 2000 urban refugees and 500 asylum seekers living in the capital of Mali, including hundreds of Central Africans who have had to flee their country over the past year. In 2015, UNHCR is working with ACTED to support these people [...]

2015/01/15 - Jordan

Azraq [ACTED News] - Nearly 100 children crowded into Azraq Camp’s community center in Jordan on New Year’s Eve to play games, sing and, learn about personal hygiene and health practices. The children were divided into small groups and assigned to ACTED [...]

2015/01/06 - MIDDLE EAST

A refugee's tent caved in by heavy snow in Zaatari camp.ACTED Solid Waste Management team assists in repairing damages caused by the Huda storm in Zaatari camp.ACTED Solid Waste Management team reconstructs a tent that fell down due to the strong weather [...]

2014/12/31 - Philippines

ACTED Philippines [ACTED News] – Tropical Storm "Jangmi", locally known as Seniang, made landfall in the Philippines near the city of Hinatuan, on Mindanao's northeastern coast, early on December 29 (local time) and left a trail of destruction as it moved [...]

2014/12/22 -

REACH is the largest information management organization in the Syrian Crisis and is operational in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon and every UNHCR camp.Finding the hidden refugees in LebanonThis map identifies where unregistered and hidden [...]

2014/12/22 - Uganda

From production to sales, improving food security by acting at all levelsIn Uganda, different types of projects have been set up to fight food insecurity, from production to sales.With Food Right Now, the young people participated in a training on the [...]

2014/12/22 - Chad

ACTED organised goat fairs to support vulnerable households affected by the hunger gap’s food and nutritional crisis in Sahel.Goat distribution supported by USAID/OFDA allowed families to have the livestock they lost during the hunger gap back, and to grow [...]

2014/12/17 - Philippines

Since we last spoke to Maricel and her young family, they have weathered Typhoon Ruby (known internationally as Typhoon Hagupit), a category 3 typhoon that damaged as of today’s date a total of 253,424 houses across 7 regions (according to the National [...]

2014/12/17 - Pakistan

October 15th marks the annual Global Hand Washing Day, aimed at increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand washing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases.In Pakistan, awareness is raised among the communities [...]

2014/12/12 - Tajikistan

[ACTED News] - In some areas of Khalton Province, in Tajikistan, only 20% of inhabitants have regular access to clean water. To ensure equal access to clean water to three remote villages in rural Khatlon Province, ACTED teams and the Consumer’s Union of [...]