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Conflit à l’est de l’Ukraine – l’action du consortium ACCESS le long de la ligne de contact

3.4 millions de personnes seront en besoin d'aide humanitaire l'année prochaine
Le conflit a déjà fortement déterioré de nombreuses infrastructures tel que des centres de soins, des écoles, des routes, des habitations etc.

The ACCESS Consortium is a group of humanitarian organizations (composed of ACTED in partnership with IMPACT Initiatives, People in Need, Médicos del Mundo, Help Age International and Right to Protection). Since 2017, it is delivering multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people in eastern Ukraine.

Under the ACCESS Consortium, ACTED distributes emergency multi-purpose cash assistance and continue to support most vulnerable populations.

On October 18, Galina, an ACCESS beneficiary living there, met Nikol, a Czech social media influencer. Galina spoke about problems with drinking water, her beloved family living on the other side of the contact line and other impacts of the war. Nikol shared her story with more than 700,000 followers on Instagram, bringing the conflict in Ukraine to light on social media thanks to People in Need, leader of the ACCESS Consortium.