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Ukraine : Humanitarian aid helps a small village recover

This April will mark the seventh anniversary of the still ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. 3,4 million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance in the region. Since it has started, many people, towns, and villages close to the Contact Line have been affected and destroyed by the shelling and hostilities.

Taramchuk is one of those villages destroyed by the conflict. The land here is ideal for gardening, but it remains empty because of mine pollution and problems with water supply. Crops often die and animal husbandry also suffer from the lack of access to clean water. These precarious conditions are forcing local residents to gradually give up these activities.

Leaving everything behind because of conflict

Andrii became the main of the village, as well as a focal point between local residents and humanitarian organizations providing assistance in this conflict-affected area.

The majority of the working-age population left the village at the beginning of the conflict, and those who stayed have nothing to do.



We are experiencing problems with water supply, regular transport links with neighboring cities, access to medical and social institutions, and prices for food and utilities are too high for us to afford.”


He remains optimistic despite the many challenges he faces personally, or that his family and his community face. When asked about the mood in his village, he answers a little thoughtfully.

“I do not observe a pessimistic attitude. People still hope for the best. They have high hopes of humanitarian projects, in particular multi-purpose cash assistance. It enables people to buy food, medicine, heat their homes, and cover other basic needs. Humanitarian organizations are hopes that keep up our positive spirit. “

Under the EU humanitarian aid-funded ACCESS Consortium, ACTED together with a group of humanitarian organizations delivered multi-purpose cash assistance. It helps the most vulnerable people in eastern Ukraine to meet their basic needs: to buy food, clothing, medicine, heat and repair their homes, because  due to the ongoing conflict and COVID-19 pandemic, not everyone have the financial possibility to do it.

With the generous support of ACTED and its partners, Andrii was able to provide the necessary medicines to his mother, as well as to improve the living conditions of his family. For more than 2900 other residents of eastern Ukraine, this help made it possible for them to buy medicine, food, hygiene and other necessary items, as well as make house repairs.


Recognizing the important and life-saving role of multi-purpose cash assistance for the most vulnerable conflict-affected people in eastern Ukraine, ACTED and partners will continue to work and provide help so that even more people can meet their basic needs.