Ukraine ACTED

Testimony from Ukraine during the Covid-19 crisis

ACTED and IMPACT: Facing Covid-19 as humanitarians, quick reaction and adaptation

Ukraine has reported 73 confirmed cases as of 23rd March. As a humanitarian actor present in Ukraine since 2015, ACTED is now working decisively to adjust its programming in response to the new challenges and vulnerabilities caused by Covid-19.


ACTED running beneficiary assessment from their home, Eastern Ukraine, March 2020

Do no harm and project implementation

Covid-19 mitigation measures – including social distancing and hand sanitization/wearing masks – are being applied by all, and ACTED is spreading the latest information on the virus and what to do to protect oneself and people in the most at-risk categories, i.e. elderly and people with chronic illnesses (who make up a lot of existing ACTED beneficiaries) in all the communities we work in.

ACTED collects document from cash beneficiaries, areas close to the line of contact in Eastern Ukraine, March 2020
  • In parallel; the 3P disaster risk reduction Consortium, under ACTED’s leadership, is consulting with its local partners/stakeholders – including local authorities – to understand their needs in this time of crisis and support them to be better-prepared for and respond to Covid-19, while ensuring that the most vulnerable are protected.
ACTED meets with Head of Bakhmut Raion in Svetlodarstk, March 2020

In coordination with the Health and WASH Clusters, IMPACT and ACTED – through their joint REACH Initiative – are already in the process of designing and preparing to roll out a rapid assessment of health facilities in Eastern Ukraine, to inform the humanitarian response to the pandemic in conflict-affected areas. It will only take 3 weeks from conceptualization for REACH to be able to share key findings with the humanitarian community, illustrating their rapid response and mobilization capacity, and the key role that they play in informing evidence-based, reactive humanitarian action aid planning and delivery in emergency contexts.

ACTED conducts a Water Risk Assessment, Popasna city, March 2020