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Reducing disaster risk vulnerabilities in Eastern Ukraine

Six years of conflict in Eastern Ukraine has inflicted enormous damage to critical civilian infrastructure. Many key facilities responsible for maintaining the life and well-being of local communities have been hit, as well as those which exist to protect civilians from disaster risks.

In 2020, more than five million people still suffer from the impact of the fighting. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates an already difficult situation.

To reduce vulnerability to disaster risk in Eastern Ukraine, IMPACT Initiatives, Right to Protection, the Danish Red Cross, the Austrian Red Cross and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society have come together under the leadership of ACTED to form the 3P Consortium. Since 2019, ACTED and its partners are committed to improving the understanding and management of disaster risk in conflict-affected areas. This has meant increasing the preparedness of communities, improving water safety, and improving disaster risk management coordination amongst aid actors and local authorities.

Under the water, sanitation and hygiene component of the 3P Consortium’s work, ACTED conducts water safety risk analysis and develops water safety plans jointly with local stakeholders, providing material support towards the realization of these safety plans, with the aim to reduce water safety risks faced by communities in Eastern Ukraine.

The Consortium aims to reach 150,000 people through the development of hazard risk reduction plans covering the targeted areas.